Not everyone likes Hillary Clinton's agressive and arrogant war talks

ClintonH.warmaker.jpgJuly 7, 2012
BEIJING, (SANA) –  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin on Saturday said that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's criticism of China at the so-called  "Friends of Syria meeting" is unacceptable.
"China is not impeding the process of resolving the Syrian issues," Liu Weimin said at a regular press conference in response to a question on Clinton's remarks on Friday in Paris.
Liu added, "On the contrary, China has made an important contribution to safeguarding the UN Charter, the basic norms governing international relations, the peace and stability of the region and the fundamental interests of the Syrian people as well as pursuing a political solution to the Syrian issues."
The spokesman said the Geneva meeting, a ministerial-level gathering of the Action Group on Syria in which China played a constructive role, produced positive outcomes.
China's impartial and constructive stance as well as its diplomatic efforts have been widely recognized and supported by the international community, said Liu, adding that any efforts to blemish the image of China or make mischief between it and other nations will end in vain.
Photo: war-maker Hillary Clinton who believes the world is owned by the United States...

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