A new form of fascism is born: NATO

SerbiaArmy Headquarters in Belgrade.NATO bombing.jpg

'... During the bombing NATO continually presented the procedure behind its choice of targets. In the international press, General Wesley Clark divided the targets into "strategic" and "tactical." Besides air defense, military forces, supply roads, and command and control objects, strategic targets included "sustaining infrastructure and resources."  This comprised not only urban targets, infrastructure, bridges, electrical plants, oil refineries, but also administrative buildings. But what can be the strategic value of a highly visible large building in the center of the city, especially after being emptied of its personnel and equipment? Physically, its strategic value is zero. The only possible strategic justification for the destruction of this building was its symbolic disappearance from the skyline. 

But national symbolism was precisely what could not to be found in the Army Headquarters. NATO's late decision to bomb the building, more than a month after the air attacks had started, may have been the effect of this low level of symbolism: no exposed columns, no ornamental narration of history, as might have been present in Stalinist architecture. For NATO it may have been easier to classify the Army Head- quarters if the symbol of power had been a physical entity attached to the building rather than the void between the two parts of the complex. Evocative of the Sutjeska canyon, the place of one of the greatest battles against the Fascist occupation in World War II, it was in fact the result of an academic architectural operation—the intuitive and speculative transformation of the philosophy of Henri Bergson into "dynamic" diagrams that "shaped" the void, the only recognizable symbol in the complex. The identity of the nation was to be found in the void, in non-matter, and in the action of the individual moving through the void. 

The circumstances that made it possible to destroy architecture born in the struggle against Fascism in the name of the global policing of Fascism have yet to be studied...'


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