Syria: British taxpayer, victim of the British war policy

Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak Meets With William Hague.jpg

After the retreat of the gangs in Aleppo, Britain that secretly provided these gangs with weapons and the latest satellite phones, has openly declared that it is in war with Syria.  British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain would step up its support for the gangs, providing them with an additional £5 million (US$7.8 million).  

The British taxpayer will not be happy with these new costs.

Britain has spent already more than £18 billion on the war in Afghanistan.

A leading defense expert has tallied the real costs of the UK’s seven-month-old military intervention in Libya on £1.75 billion.

Britain will also pay €1billion (£841 million) for the construction of Nato's new headquarters in Brussels...

Photo: Israeli Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, Meets with William Hague

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