Syria: More tax for Britain's low-income households...


After the retreat of the gangs in Aleppo, Britain that secretly provided these gangs with weapons and the latest satellite phones, has openly declared that it is in war with Syria.  British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Britain would step up its support for the gangs, providing them with an additional £5 million (US$7.8 million).

Britain has spent already more than £18 billion on the war in Afghanistan.

A leading defense expert has tallied the real costs of the UK’s seven-month-old military intervention in Libya on £1.75 billion.

Britain will also pay €1billion (£841 million) for the construction of Nato's new headquarters in Brussels...


'UK Labour attacks increase in tax bill' 

Aug 7, 2012 - British Labours Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary Hilary Benn has criticized the Tory-led government’s Local Government Finance Bill for leading millions of people in low-income households across England and Wales to face hikes in their council tax.

He slammed the planned change for leaving councils with a "terrible dilemma" of choosing whether to impose council tax hikes on the disabled, working poor, or jobless, as the legislation aims to save £450 million by slashing funding for council tax rebates by 10 percent from April next year. 

"[Communities Secretary] Eric Pickles has lectured councilors that they have a moral duty not to increase council tax bills but in fact he has been planning a £450 million council tax bombshell of his own by increasing the bills paid by people on low incomes," he said. 

According to a research by accounting group UHY Hacker Young, average tax bills have risen since the start of the financial crisis for people in 42 out of the total 50 British towns and cities surveyed. 

The study also found that taxpayers in York were the hardest hit as they paid 31 percent more tax in 2009-10 compared to the amount in 2006-7. 

However, Grant Shapps, the Conservative MP, defended the government’s controversial legislation, claiming, “We are ending Labour's something-for-nothing culture, which Hilary Benn is so keen to promote, and making work pay." 

Earlier in July, an analysis of official figures by insurer MetLife found that Britain's average pensioner households lose almost a third of their retirement income to taxes, with those on lower incomes bearing the main burden.

According to the analysis of tax data, 29 percent of the average UK pensioner household’s income is swallowed up by taxes, which totals £41.9 billion annually for Britain's 7.15 million retired households. 




Photo: 'First Lady' Michelle Obama and the spouses of NATO-summit-leaders watching a performance.  They live in luxury...

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