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PROVINCES, (SANA) - A unit of the armed forces on Friday clashed with an armed terrorist group in al-Khandaq Street in Bab Hood neighborhood and killed and injured its members.

SANA reporter said that another unit of the armed forces killed the leader of an armed terrorist group in al-Marjeh neighborhood and al-Sina'eh roundabout in Aleppo city. The terrorist's name is Mohammad Issa Moussa and called 'al-Qatteh'.



PROVINCES, (SANA) - A unit of the armed forces on Thursday clashed with terrorists near al-Rasheed Mosque in the neighborhood of Saif al-Dawla in the city of Aleppo killing a number of them and injuring others.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the army forces on Wednesday carried out qualitative operations against the armed terrorist groups in Tal Rifaat, Marea, Hamra, Hreitan and Hayan areas in Aleppo countryside.

The operations resulted in the killing and injury of a large number of terrorists and the destruction of their dens.



DAMASCUS, (SANA) - Taftanaz Military Airport in the province of Idleb early Wednesday came under a terrorist attack that was carried out by large numbers of armed terrorist gangs, an official military source said on Wednesday.

The source added that the army members bravely repelled the terrorist attack on the military airport inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists who fell dead or injured, while a number of them fled away.

No losses were caused to the equipment or the army members during the clashes except for slight injury to two army personnel, the source affirmed.

"This attack comes in the framework of the frenzied war waged by Syria's enemies on the country to undermine the veneration of our ideologized army and affect the morale of its brave members who are pounding the remnant of the fleeing hired gangs," the source said.

It applauded the residents of Taftanaz area for their cooperation in thwarting the attack and enabling the army members to inflict the heaviest losses upon the terrorists' ranks through informing about the gunmen's locations and movements.



PROVINCES, (SANA)-  The authorities on Wednesday clashed with an armed terrorist group on Aleppo-Raqaa highway that has been committing acts of killing, abduction and robbery against the citizens and killed two persons.

SANA reporter quoted an official source in Aleppo province as saying that the clashes resulted in the killing of all the members of the armed group, including two terrorists from Deir Ezzor: Salem Ali al-Shibli and Abdul-Karim Najem al-Abdullah.

Meanwhile, the authorities seized a large amount of ammunition and weapons in Salah Eddin, al-Ameriyeh, al-Hashkal, and Tal al-Zarazir neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo.

SANA reporter said that the seized weapons included 2 mortars, 3 PKC machineguns, DShK machineguns, RPG launchers, Nato sniper rifles, pump-action machineguns and hand grenades.


DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIE, (SANA)- A group of mercenary terrorists in Zamalka, Damascus Countryside detained a number of citizens including men and women and slaughtered them in front of the citizens.

A source in the province said that the terrorists accumulated the bodies of the victims in Sheikh Askar Mosque and booby-trapped the Mosque.

The source added that the terrorists are planning to launch mortar shells on the Syrian Army to force the army to respond, asserting that whether the army respond or not the terrorists will blow up the mosque to accuse the army of committing a massacre to turn the world public opinion against Syria on the eve of the ministerial meeting scheduled to the Security Council.



DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ Mercenary terrorists flocking into Syria continue killings and terrorist acts against Syrians.

One of these terrorist is Mohamad Ali Bilhaj Ahmad, Tunisian nationality, who admitted his membership in an armed terrorist group along with terrorists from Turkmenistan, Tunis, Libya, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Terrorist Bilhaj Ahmad ,interviewed yesterday by Syrian TV, narrated the story of his trip from Tunis to Libya, where he was trained on the know-how of weapons including Kalashnikov, RBG, PKC and Dushka machineguns , Egypt, where he met some of al-Qada terrorist organization members.

Terrorist Bilhaj Ahmad, member of the Tunisian al-Nahda ruling Party, spoke of his trip to Istanbul and Antioch in Turkey as well as of his meetings there with some other terrorists of Turkish and Syrian nationalities.

Terrorist Bilhaj Ahmad spoke of his sneaking from Turkey into Aleppo Countryside, northern Syria, where he met with other terrorists including three Tunisians, a Libyan, two Kuwaitis, and with the rest from Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The terrorist was arrested by the Syrian competent authorities while in hiding inside Syria.


PS. The links to SANA's website were regularly blocked by Washington that, with America’s pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, does not stop its war propaganda against Syria and Iran

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