Times of India: Washington responsible for terrorist movements


Indian Film Director: Events in Syria Are Result of a Hundred Years of Western Intervention

Sept. 11, 2012 - NEW DELHI, (SANA) - The Indian theater director and actor Aamir Raza Hussin strongly condemned the policy of the Western countries, topped by the US, towards what is happening in Syria as being fully responsible for the terrorist acts backed by Arab sides such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and Islamic sides like Turkey.

In an article titled 'The Game Plan in Syria', published on Tuesday by The Times of India newspaper, Raza Hussin said "The situation in Syria today is a result of a hundred years of Anglo-American intervention and incitement," noting that this is the third time the West has tried to topple the secular governing system in Syria but, "The difference this time though is that the West has a pliant press as an ally."

The Indian director explained that the inciting media waged a propaganda against Syria two years ago, citing the CNN, BBC and Wahhabi Arab channels which he said fabricated incidents, "with preachers like Sheikh Aruoor and the Qatar based Ahmed Karazvi extorting the Syrians to rise up and bomb government buildings and blow up minority religious institutions."

The writer narrated the story of "Western manipulation of the Arab world" which he said "started in the early 20th century as imperial Britain attempted to redraw the maps of the Middle East. They did it for oil, they did it for trade routes."

Raza Hussin said Britain and the Western countries fought "the secular nationalist regimes led by Egypt's Nasser, which included Syria, Libya and Iraq' and backed "pro-Western monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar [which] ruthlessly crushed human rights and followed archaic tribal laws," with Britain supporting the salafis and wahhabis in these reactionary regimes.

He pointed out that in the last decade, "America has targeted only those nations where there was no al-Qaida, no terror, and no Wahhabi ideology. American intervention has not only destroyed the infrastructure in these countries but also established violent terrorist movements in all of them."

The Indian theater director stressed that "The staunchest allies of the U.S. in the Muslim world are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Pakistan. The first three are the largest sponsors of international terror."

Raza Hussin said that through the 1950s, 60s and 70s, "the US and the UK undertook military expeditions to destabilize secular Arab nations. They undertook an invasion of Egypt, which failed…They tried to instigate two revolts in Syria, which also failed."

He referred to a decision by the British cabinet to approve 'Operation Straggle' in the 1957, which is "a plot to engineer a coup in Damascus. The plan was to create disaffection on the border areas, infiltrate armed insurgents into urban areas and instigate uprisings. Then an Arab invading force was to walk into the country and take over."

The Indian writer added that the then British ambassador to Damascus, Sir John Gardener, "had sent funds to encourage defection of Syrian officials. But the plot was foiled by the Syrians and the main conspirators arrested."

H. Said


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