Middle East Peace - Syria: China's important role


China, Firm Power, Accelerated Stances to Consolidate International Balance 

Oct 02, 2012
DAMASCUS, (SANA) - Day after day, China goes ahead in playing an important role in the international circles on the basis of the international law and the UN Charter in parallel with its continued efforts to defend the right of sovereign countries in the face of all attempts to interfere in their internal affairs and to maintain the political security and international economy.

China's economic strength, which is constantly growing, and its political stability led it, with steady and accelerated steps, towards progress.

The 63rd anniversary of China's National Day for this year is different in terms of the increased role of China at the political level, despite of all pressures, as it firmly confronts the attempts of some countries to dominate the world through interfering in other countries affairs and breaching their sovereignty.

China has always been emphasizing that states have the right to self-determination away from any external influences, such a stance is based on that the role of international powers and the UN bodies, is represented only in providing the appropriate atmosphere to resolve the crisis and not to legitimize intervention and formulation of sanctions and attacks on countries.

China, in cooperation with Russia, worked together at the UN Security Council during the last period to foil all the West's attempts to interfere in Syria's internal affairs as they vetoed all the draft resolutions allowing the foreign interference in Syria.

It seeks to end the crisis in Syria through ensuring the atmospheres for a political solution based on dialogue and the right of the Syrian people to determine their destiny and future.

China also exerted all efforts to restore the international balance and end exploiting the UN Security Council to topple the countries which are undesirable for U.S.A.

Statements of senior Chinese officials always stress that dialogue is the only way to reach an objective solution for the crises in the world, mainly the crisis in Syria and the Iranian nuclear issue.

On the economic level, China played a key role in rescuing the global economy from collapse through tackling the global financial crisis in Europe and the United States and its efforts to reform the international monetary system.

H. Zain / Ghossoun


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