Solidarity with Syria


Events in Solidarity with Syria in Czech, Romania and Russia

Oct 20, 2012 - CAPITALS, (SANA) - Members of the Syrian community and the Syrian students studying in the Czech Republic reiterated standing by the homeland Syria and its people, leadership and army in the face of the conspiracy hatched against them.

In a stand organized on Saturday by the branch of National Union of Syrian Students in Czech, the participants stressed rejection of any form of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs and support to the chain of reforms commenced by the Syrian leadership.

The Syrians chanted slogans affirming the national unity, hailing the great role played by the Syrian Arab Army in confronting terrorism and the terrorists and protecting the security and stability of the homeland.

Participating in the stand, which was held in the framework of the activities of the global campaign in solidarity with Syria, Czech supporters condemned the conspiracy hatched against Syria due to its principled stances in the face of the hegemony policy.

They called upon the media to commit to their professional and ethical duty of revealing the truth and uncovering the false news broadcast by some regional and Western media outlets with the aim of destabilizing Syria and creating sectarian sedition in it.

Syrian Students in Romania Call upon EU Parliamentarians to Lift Unjust Sanctions on Syria

Meanwhile, the Syrian students in Romania called upon EU parliamentarians to demand the lifting of the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian people that contradict human rights.

In identical letters to 200 European parliamentarians who are currently in Bucharest to attend the European People's Party conference, the students said "The sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, especially those related to civil aviation, medicine and bank transfer constitute a violation of human rights and leave a negative impact on the Syrian people.

The students said they will hold meetings with representatives of Romania at the European Parliament and hand them messages on the same subject, adding that they will meet several Romanian academics and journalists to supply them with documents on the crimes of the armed terrorist groups in Syria, as well as a detailed study of the negative impact of the unjust sanctions on the Syrian people.

The students said that their activities in Romania include two meetings with the Russian and Iranian ambassadors in Romania and a symposium on the Syrian crisis.

Event in Solidarity with Syria against Terrorism outside US Embassy in Moscow

In the context of the global campaign in solidarity with Syria organized by the National Union of Syrian Students, the Syrian students and citizens assembled on Friday, together with their Russian friends outside the US embassy in Moscow to express support to the Syrian leadership, armed forces and people in confronting the international terrorism and the fierce campaign targeting it.

The supporters raised banners and chanted slogans condemning the aggressive policies of the US, EU countries, Gulf sheikhdoms and Turkey which seek to undermine Syria's freedom, sovereignty and territorial safety, denouncing the infiltration of mercenary terrorists, arms smuggling and the terrorist crimes on the Syrian soil.

They also hoisted banners that read ''Get your Hands off Syria'', ''Syria and Russia…Friendship for ever''. A number of Russian youth and social organizations took part in the event, including the Anti-Globalization Movement, Eurasia Youth Union and others.

In interviews with SANA reporter in Moscow, , Violetta Shisheldna, a Russian social activist, stressed support to Syria, adding ''I cannot hold back my tears when hearing the news of the aggression on Syria by the US, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.''

Alexander Kataiv, from the Anti-Globalization Movement , said ''This is not the first event in solidarity with Syria, and it won't be the last. I'd like to say that Turkey the Gulf sheikhdoms are embroiling themselves in Syria, as evidenced by Erdogan's latest contradictory behavior when he practiced air piracy and apologized later.''

Social activists expressed condemnation of the US policy towards Syria, voicing rejection of a forceful overthrow of the legitimate political regime there.

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