Nato conquers Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan: Entire Armed Forces Brought Under NATO Standards...

October 30, 2012

The entire staff structure of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces has been brought into conformity with NATO standards, head of the Defense Ministry press service Eldar Sabiroglu told media today.

“Azerbaijani officers in NATO headquarters serve as NATO officers and the number of these officers is growing,” he said.

In 2006, Government of Azerbaijan increased financing of the NATO PFP Programme from 300 000 USD to 850 000 USD. In 2007 this figure was increased to 1.8 million USD. In 2008 it was approximately 2 million USD.




As part of military preparations for war with the Soviet Union, Nato organised a covert network throughout Western Europe, ostensibly to prepare for armed resistance in the event of a Russian 'invasion'. This "Gladio" network involved sections of the far right in some countries and in the 1960s and 1970s was to become involved in terrorist attacks intended to destabilise politics and society and prevent the left from coming to power. Italy was the country where the Gladio network came closest to the surface.

The threat posed by democracy was dealt with most dramatically in Greece in April 1967. The army seized power to prevent politics moving to the left, installing a military junta in power that ruled by force and the free use of torture. The Greek colonels had the support of Nato until they were overthrown in 1974. 

Through Nato, the US is able to exercise influence over the domestic affairs of other countries and to exercise its imperial power.


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