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Photo: Nazi-German V1 Buzzbomb. The V1 Flying bomb was the worlds first cruise missile and  was capable of killing large numbers of people, inflicting terrible injuries and causing huge material damage to buildings and homes.

The V-1 flying bomb began attacks on London and Antwerp, Belgium in the summer and fall of 1944, after the Allied landings. 

The toll of the V1 attacks on London, human suffering was appx. 6184 people killed by V1's and 17981 seriously injured and maimed. Tens of thousands of others received lesser injuries.


Le Republic-Ford JB-2.une version américaine du V1.jpg

Photo: Republic-Ford JB-2. the American version of the V1

The Republic-Ford JB-2 Loon was a United States copy of the German V-1 flying bomb. Developed in 1944, and planned to be used in the United States invasion of Japan (Operation Downfall), the JB-2 was never used in combat. It was the most successful of the United States Army Air Forces Jet Bomb (JB) projects (JB-1 through JB-10) during World War II. Postwar, the JB-2 played a significant role in the development of more advanced surface-to-surface tactical missile systems such as the MGM-1 Matador and later MGM-13 Mace.

An interesting link about NATO: http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com/

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