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People's Assembly : Crisis Necessitates Adopting Extraordinary Economic and Social Policies to Face Its Impacts

Nov 5, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) - The People's Assembly resumed its session, chaired by Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham, to discuss the bill of the general state budget for the 2013 fiscal year.

Members of the People's Assembly called for adopting an extraordinary economic and social policy to cope with what is taking place in the country and setting up development plans to face the impact of the crisis.

They stressed the need for reforming and supporting the public sector and enhancing the national steadfastness, particularly in the comprehensive war which aims at undermining Syria.

They also called for reconsidering the previous governments' economic policies and deal with their consequences, including laws that harmed national production and security through allowing foreign capitals and privatization.

The members underlined the necessity of taking effective measures to reduce and rationalize expenditure, particularly under current circumstances and the economic pressure and sanctions which caused an imbalance in the revenues.

Other members called for new laws to regulate investment and establish a real and sustainable economic infrastructure.

The members stressed the need for improving the living conditions of law-income citizens amid the price rise of goods and providing the basic needs, in addition to compensate those who were affected under current circumstances.

Some of the People's Assembly members called for providing job opportunities and reconsidering the age of those included in the Youth Employment program to be 35 years in order to give graduates the opportunity to work.

They hailed the approach and transparency adopting in setting the general budget, adding that the allocation of SYP 512 billion to subsidize oil products and basic materials a positive thing.

In turn, MP Abdul-Wahed Razzouq urged the authorities to eliminate the armed terrorist groups that are attacking Harem area in Idleb and deliver the basic good to the citizens there.

Minister of Finance Dr. Mohammad al-Jleilati, said that the deficit in the budget started in 2003, adding that the issue of deficit can be solved only by increasing the cash supply.

Minister al-Jleilati said that the 2012 budget takes into consideration the social dimension in implementing the financial policy as the citizens' interests are the main purpose for all the state's developmental plans.

He called for adopting transparency, reconsidering the society's moral values and fighting corruption.

M. Nassr/ R. Raslan


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