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Event Calendar: 5th December 2012: Your guide to tonight's events and concerts in

's Armed Forces Eliminate Jabhat al-Nusra Terrorists, Destroy 23 Caliber Gun-Equipped Vehicle in Countryside

: Terrorist Attack against Gas Station Puts 1,050 Megawatt out of Service

's Premier al-Halqi: Syrian Economy Able to Face All Challenges and Unjust Sanctions

's Information Minister: Escalation of Media Campaign against Syria is due to Armed Terrorist Groups' Defeat

Larijani: Solution in Should Be through National Dialogue, Halting Terrorism and Stopping Arms and Money Supply to Terrorists

Weather: Partly cloudy tomorrow turning cloudy in the evening & night, bringing showers over the NW & coast, extending to other areas

Weather: A cool night tonight with fog warnings in place in some inland areas tomorrow early morning

Weather: Temperatures will drop today to become around average. Partly Cloudy in general, chance of showers over the East. NW/W winds

's Meteorology Department released nationwide precipitation levels for the 24h ending 7am this morning, 130mm recorded in

enters 5 movies at the Carthage Film Festival in

: Actor Talhat Hamdi Passes Away at 71

's Foreign Ministry: Terrorists and Foreign Sides Supporting them Responsible for Targeting School Children in on Tuesday

: Youth Volunteers Carry out 'Help Me Repair My School' Campaign

: Al-Qaeda-linked Terrorists Eliminated, Their Cars Destroyed in Several Areas

Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox passes away

: 9 Students, a Teacher and 3 Other Citizens Killed in Terrorists' Shelling of a School, a Journalist Assassinated

's People's Assembly Passes a Number of Bills, Listens to Answers from Ministers of Information, Higher Education and Justice

Lavrov: We and the NATO Agree on Peaceful Solution in , Must Not Overdo it with Threats

's Vice President: Boosting Trade, Economic Relations with to Encounter Sanctions

and Discuss Means of Enhancing Health Cooperation

Port's Director General: Revenues over Past 10 Months Reached SYP 1,950 Billion

: Terrorists Assassinate Journalist Naji As'ad

Lavrov to Brahimi: No Alternative to Working with all Sides in to Stop Violence, Start Dialogue

Sakr Tapes: Saad Hariri in the Syrian Battlefield

: Three Citizens Killed, Others Injured in Terrorists' Mortar Shell Attack in

Putin: We have reservations on Deploying Patriot Missiles. We didn't reach Joint Principles with on crisis in

Cinema: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 tops the weekend box office in North and for the third week

Agriculture: 1,566,995 hectares of total agricultural land in irrigated for next season

Last night Hundreds of Kuwaitis gathered in the City to protest against the new parliament

's Ministry of Electricity to increase the number of rationing hours in South due to sabotage acts by armed terrorist groups

A new study shows that drinking fizzy soft drinks increases the risk of prostate cancer

: Guards of Tishreen Military Hospital Repel Terrorist Attack on the Hospital, Inflict Heavy Losses upon Terrorists

FM: Syria Stresses It Won't Use Any Chemical Weapons, If They Exist, against Its People No Matter the Circumstances

: Dozens of Terrorists, Snipers Eliminated, DShK-Equipped Cars, Motorcycles Destroyed, Bases for Launching Missiles Dismantled

: Four Citizens Injured, Material Damage Reported in Terrorist Car Bomb Blast in

Voices Concern over Deployment of Patriot Missiles on Turkish-Syrian Borders

Larijani: Deploying Patriot Missiles on Turkish-Syrian Borders Will Make Matters More Complicated

Lebanese MP Oqab Saqer Admits to Being Involved in Shedding Syrian Blood

Lebanese Army: Gunmen Opened Fire on Military Post in Border Area of Mashare' al-Qa'a

: Markets Crowded with Christmas Shoppers, Active Movement in its Streets, Children Play with Pigeons

Cinema: Twilight crushes Skyfall in revenue

Daily Mail: A study shows that drinking water has the ability to relieve headaches and migraine, reducing the need to take painkillers

's Olympic Equestrian Ahmad Saber Hamcho participates in the French Jumping Masters

Egypt Air to resume flights to

set to establish new spy network as big as CIA

's Ministry of Comms & Tech apologised for any inconvenience caused during the 25hr technical fault causing an internet cut in areas

reaches the No 1 spot in 's Official Hit Music Chart this week with her song 'Diamonds', moving 2 places up from last week

: SANA stresses that work is in progress to provide another hosting in one of the friendly countries

: In a New Aggressive Act against Syrian Media, Company Ceases Hosting of SANA Website

Iraqi PM: Committed to Preventing Passage of Weapons into across Its Territories

: Governor reveals plans to build an airport in South Tartous to boost transportation, business, travel & tourism in the area

Here is today's news bulletin in English from TV:

participates in the 9th Asian Swimming Championships 2012 in the UAE. 21.11s in the 200m freestyle, finishing 10th out of 23 swimmers

What is the difference between Messi and Ronaldo? Diario de Sevilla paper compares the two football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

: After a meeting with 's FA, premier league clubs agreed to launch a league in accordance with special regulations for 2013

Lavrov Warns of Dictates of Solutions on Syrians, Says Blood- and Iron-promoted Democracy Is Futile

: All internet and communications services in were back into service after technical workshops completed repairing a failure


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