Military ‘errors’: Chinese Embassy Bombed by NATO


NATO bombed Serbian news outlets with the stated intention of silencing sources different from the NATO war propaganda...


Chinese Embassy Bombed by NATO - Three Journalists Killed, More Than 20 Injured

On May 7, 1999, NATO fired 3 missiles from different angles to attack the Embassy of China in Yugoslavia, which killed 3 Chinese journalists and injured more than 20.

The building of the embassy was seriously damaged.

The goal was to punish China for sympathizing with the Yugoslav people against NATO and to terrorize Chinese newspeople in Yugoslavia, thus silencing a non-NATO information source.

U.S. officials and NATO said the attack on the Chinese Embassy was "a mistake" based on "faulty information" that the (Chinese embassy) building was the headquarters for the Yugoslav arms agency.

Reuters (May 11, 1999)




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