Syria: Governor of Damascus met more than 300 citizens


Babila and Daf al-shouk citizens Launch Initiative to bring Gunmen out of their towns

Feb 26, 2013

Governor of Damascus countryside Hussein Makhlouf met more than 300 citizens of locals and dignitaries of Babila and Daf al-Shouk towns who offered an initiative that included the exit of the gunmen out of their towns and settle the situations of the misled people after they surrender to the state through a committee of the citizens.

The locals stressed the need for restoring security, stability and throwing arms to meet the needs of the citizens in addition to facilitating the return of displace people to their homes.

Governor of Damascus countryside welcomed this positive initiative which is considered an introduction to start the national dialogue for solving the crisis in Syria, affirming that the government works for increasing the trust with the citizens.

B.Mousa / Mazen


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