Support of Syria: Solidarity Events in Russia, India

Syria.solidarity.jpgMarch 3, 2013

The Syrian community and students in Russia, with the participation of Russian citizens organized a stand on Sunday in solidarity with motherland, Syria.

The stand was organized by the National Union of Syrian Students, in coordination with the Syrian community and the Russian Anti-Globalization Organization.

The participants expressed support for the political program for solving the crisis in Syria, renewing denunciation of terrorism and the global war waged on Syria.

The participants denounced the distortion of facts about the Syrian events by media outlets and their fabrication of lies to destabilize the country and sow discord among the Syrians.

They held the US, western countries, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar responsible for the bloodshed in Syria and undermining stability there and the vandalism of the Syrian economy.

The National Union branch stressed in a statement support to the Syrian people and leadership, voicing trust in Syria's inevitable victory, and the ability of the Syrians to crush Zionist and imperialist projects.

The Syrian community in Russia expressed trust in an imminent victory over the conspiracy targeting Syria, which seeks to end Syria's role in supporting Arab resistance.

The community also expressed pride in the Syrian leadership and trust in the Syrian people who spare no sacrifice in defending the homeland.

The Russian participants said that they joined the stand to back the Syrian leadership, people and army in the face of the aggression that has been on for two years.

Syrian Students in India Organize Symposium in Solidarity with Homeland

The National Union of Syrian Students branch in New Delhi organized a symposium in solidarity with Syria, with the participation of Indian figures and representatives of Indian parties and organizations.

The participants shed light on the events unfolding in Syria and the global war waged on the Syrian people.

The National Union of Syrian Students-India branch expressed in a statement support to Syria and its leadership, saluting the Syrian Arab army who is offering the dearest of sacrifices for protecting the homeland and citizens.

The Union called upon the Syrian people to stand united in the face of the flagrant terrorist aggressions, expressing deep condolences to the families of martyrs.

The Union voiced trust that the Syrian people will conquer conspiracies and aggression on Syria, indicating that victory is inevitable.

Syria's ambassador to India, Riyad Abbas, said in a speech that Syria is facing a global war "to undermine the state that is standing in the face of US and Zionist hegemony,'' stressing that Syria is bound to come out stronger due to the unity of the Syrian people and their support for their leadership and army.

The Indian participants also expressed support to Syria and conviction that the only solution to the crisis is the peaceful one, away from foreign dictates and military intervention.

M. Ismael


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