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think-outside-the-box.jpgI was in my first year of study when my lecturer asked me to think critically, to think differently from others and to look at this world as if we live in Topsy-turvy world. He said we are living in a complex world when all things are not seemed as it is requires us to think differently, able to detect the problems and evaluate the consequences which our critical thinking finally able to lead us to the solution.

But it is more complicated than that because we have a lot of students who are unable to think critically and most of them are sycophant or blind follower of a certain group or political leader. I am sorry to say this fact, but this is what happens in my university which I see this kind of attitude among my classmates, friends and people from board & rector. Do you know what problems that we face? We have too many problems which we will inherit to our children than the solutions which we must offer them in future.

I am not meant to judge nor to blame, I am simply wanted to state the problems that obstructs our students from being the seeker of knowledge, the thinker, the developer and contributor to this world. Unfortunately with such two attitudes of unable to think critically and linear thinking are a problem to today’s world where we have more students who creates unintended consequences than offers the solution.

In today’s world we are facing problems which more difficult than what we think it is, a problem that yet unsolved. The problems that we face are the problems of unsustainable development, unethical system, liberalism, slow educational teaching/learning, corrupts leader and social problem. But fewer students understand these problems and more students that we have in school & university are more interested to talk about fancy lifestyle, fashion, shopping, twitter, political issue, political bickering, Facebook, and make friends than to discuss what we are going to do to solve these problems.

As a matter of fact we are at the stage of confusion or at the edge of cliff where we are trembling and cannot think appropriately unless to wait before we jump from the cliff. In other words, there are huge cliff that prevents us from crossing over and we are unable to cross over because we don’t know how unless we wait or we think how.

It is never too late to repair the situation that we have caused and to create awareness about these problems. In other words, we need a different style of thinking where we have to escape from this linear thinking and ‘cause-effect thinking by implementing a holistic thinking, in doing so we can break away from this conservative thinking.

As a Muslim, we have to escape from this topsy-turvy world, we must have a holistic thinking to uphold this entire topsy-turvy world from inverted again. Everything that we know is the provider, we can put it into action and we must not live in the cave where we only learn but do not practice it. In fact our religion is not only an Islamic knowledge but a religious practice which the deen that encourages us to think and to do good deed (amal soleh).

I really hope more students will aware of these problems and ready to think critically as it is important to make this world a better place for us and our children to live.

Student’s roles are not merely to learn and to know, but an excellent student is a student who can pause this linear and ‘cause-effect thinking and start to evaluate the consequences to offer solution than to create unintended consequences. We need students who can have excellent knowledge and excellent attitude thus who can help to formulate better policy for the sake of community and nation.

The government’s role is like parents who their roles are to give the nutritious foods and better education for their children. If today’s problem is we have backward style of teaching, it is important for the government to offer us  better skill and education that can help us to have ethical knowledge.

We can no longer depend on our current education that teaches our children to think in analytical and fragmented methods such as from a very early age we are taught to break apart problems in other words to fragment the worldview . This apparently makes us lose our intrinsic sense of connection to a larger whole or holistic understanding and as a result of this action most of our policies are also based on linear thinking and cause-effect thinking.


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