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Syria.Army Targets Terrorists' Gatherings.jpgTargeting Terrorists' Dens, Eliminating A Number of Them in Several Areas

March 25, 2013

An army unit on Monday destroyed a number of terrorist groups' hideouts and gatherings in Billa Village in Lattakia Countryside.


A military source told SANA reporter that two stores of weapons and ammunition were destroyed completely and all the terrorists inside them were either killed or injured.

The source added that another army unit destroyed a rocket launch pad in al-Rahmalieh Village used by the terrorists in their attacks against the citizens of the area as a number of the terrorists were killed including snipers of non-Syrian nationalities.

Another unit targeted a weapons and munitions warehouse in a special operation against terrorist gatherings in the village of Beit Awan, destroying a machinegun-equipped vehicle, injuring a number of terrorists and killing others.

Army Destroys Explosive Devices Store, Eliminates Terrorists in Joubar and Daraya

Units of the armed forces have carried out a series of the qualitative operations against the armed terrorist groups in Joubar Neighborhood in Damascus Countryside during which a store of explosive devices was demolished.

An official source told SANA reporter that during the operations a number of the terrorists were killed including Hisham Zynati, Samir Ameen and a terrorist nicknamed "Abu Mahmud Sadiq".

 In Daraya, army units continued to pursuit the terrorists near the train station and at the surrounding area of al-Sayyeda Sukaina Shrine, in addition to al-Jamait Neighborhood as a number of the terrorists were killed.

Armed Forces Prevent Terrorists' Attempt to Detonate IEDs in Aleppo

Armed Forces unit prevented an attempt by terrorists to detonate explosive devices planted in an apartment complex under construction in al-Hamadaniye area in Aleppo.

Heavy Losses Inflicted upon terrorists in Homs

An army unit on Sunday confronted terrorists who attempted to attack the second oil pump station to the east of Palmyra in Homs countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

A military source told SANA that most of the terrorists were killed and injured, as their weapons and ammunition were destroyed.

The source added that other army units targeted terrorists' gatherings in al-Ganto, Kissin, al-Dar al-Kabira, Ebel, al-Bouyda, al-Daba'a and al-Hamidyeh , killing a big number of them, injuring others and destroying their criminal tools.

Army Direct Strong Blows to Terrorists in Idleb

Army units destroyed terrorist groups' gatherings with all weapons and ammunition inside in Idleb countryside, killing many of the terrorists.

A military source told SANA that several terrorists were killed and many others were injured in al-Nayrab, Maqran, Sarmin, Binnish, Kfaroujin, Majdalya, Touom, Taftanaz, Helles and Sahl al-Rouj towns, as their weapons were also destroyed.

Army units also foiled terrorists' attempt to detonate five explosives, whose weights range from 40 to 50 kg, planted in Orom al-Joz and Kfar Shalaya villages in the Province.

Terrorists Killed and Injured during Military Operation in Hama

An army unit carried out an operation to the south of Teibat al-Emam town in Hama, destroying a number of vehicles, some of which equipped with machineguns, that were used by terrorists in their attacks.

A source in the province told SANA that a leader of a terrorist group from the Jabhat al-Nusra called Abi al-Bara'a al-Jazrawi was killed during the operation in addition to the terrorists Abi al-Nasr, Abi Hassan, Abi Bahaa from his group. Other terrorists were injured including a terrorist group leader called Abi Alleith.

Armed Forces Eliminate Terrorists, Destroy their Vehicles in Adra

Units of the Armed Forces inflicted heavy losses upon the armed terrorist groups through a series of operations in Adra and al-Maliha areas in Damascus countryside.

An official source told SANA reporter that units of the Armed Forces clashed with armed terrorist groups in Adra al-Jadida and destroyed a car driven by terrorists.

The source added that the clashes resulted in killing scores of terrorists, including Khaled Kakeh, from so-called "Islam Brigade", Ahmad al-Midawer and Ihsan Darwish.

The source pointed out that dens of terrorist groups and a number of cars were destroyed in al-Maliha area.

Army Restores Security and Stability in Baba Amro Neighborhood in Homs

A military source said that the Syrian Army restored security and stability to Baba Amro neighborhood in Homs after eliminating all members of the armed terrorist groups who infiltrated to the neighborhood few days ago.

The source added that the Syrian Army pursued terrorists in the surroundings of Baba Armo and killed and injured scores of them.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces foiled a terrorists' attempt to detonate 7 explosive devices in al-Qseir in Homs countryside.

In Idleb province, an army unit destroyed a car equipped with a machinegun and eliminated all terrorists in the car.

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