Syria: Iraqi support

Iraq.jpgIraq.. Giving Syria seat at AL to Doha Coalition violation of Charter

Mar 25, 2013

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari underlined that giving Syria seat at the Arab League to Doha coalition is a precedent and violation of the AL convention, saying "Iraq had reservation about the AL decision."

"The name of the League is the Arab League.. representatives of the member states are the elected governments which have legitimacy, express and represent their people," Zebari said in a TV interview on Monday.

He added "Iraq would not recognize any side other than what the Syrian people decide, we will keep our stance and the reservation we have adopted.

Zebari said that the attempts by some Arab countries to reach outcomes, put an entity instead of a state or raising an alternative flag without the Syrian people's opinion were to " close the door in front of any political settlements and complicate issues in future," reiterating his country's rejection of arming any side in the opposition.



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