Belgium: extradition of Chechen asylum seekers


Protest in Belgium against extradition of Chechen asylum seekers

29 March 2013

A group of Chechen refugees organized a protest in front of the Office of High Commissioner for Refugees and Stateless Persons in Brussels, Belgium.

On March 25, between 9.00 and 11.00 am, about 60 Chechen refugees gathered in front of the CGVS building in Brussels. The protesters held various banners against the extradition of Chechen asylum seekers.

The protest was organized by Chechen asylum seekers after a recent visit of Isa Khadzhimuradov, director of the Department of External Relations of the pro-Moscow regime in the CE. During his visit in February 2013, the representative of the pro-Russian regime also met Karl-Heinz Lambertz, the president of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion district in Belgium. Ramzan Ampukayev, an unofficial special representative of Kadyrov, and Isa Gambulatov, a Chechen trainer in a Belgian “Raeren” wrestling club, accompanied his meeting.

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Photo: Karina and Rouslan fled from Chechnya to France, before being deported back to Poland, their point of entry into the EU. 

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