Syria: West is Supporting Gunmen to overthrow political regime

Syria.Foreign Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov.jpg

Apr 03, 2013

Moscow.. West Seeks to Overthrow Regime in Syria through Supporting Gunmen

Chairman of the Russian Duma's Foreign Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov warned of a Libyan-modified Scenario by the west in Syria, saying "the West seeks to overthrow the political regime in Syria, not through military intervention, but through supporting gunmen."

"It is obvious that the political maneuvers stage on Syria approaches its end as the west seeks a Libyan-modified Scenario in Syria to overthrow the regime," Pushkov said at an expanded session of the Duma Foreign Affairs Committee.

He added that France and Britain have announced that they would send weapons as soon as the ban on the arms come to an end in next May, indicating that it is not a secret US experts train "the gunmen" in bases in Jordan.



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