Syria: bankruptcy and frustration of the foreign armed terrorist groups


April 29th, 2013

Premier Wael al-Halqi condemned the terrorist blast that rocked Mezzeh area in Damascus, claiming the lives of many people and injuring others. 

“These terrorist bombings are evidence of the bankruptcy and frustration of the armed terrorist groups and the powers backing them due to the victories of the Syrian Arab Army, which is hunting their remnants and working on restoring security and stability to the homeland,” Premier al-Halqi said while chairing a meeting of the Economic Committee at the Cabinet HQ.

He added “Another reason that accelerates victory is the Syrian people’s persistence to implement the political program launched by President Bashar al-Assad for solving the crisis, as it is the only secure way out of the crisis in order to start reconstruction and continue in the comprehensive development process.”

The Prime Minister lauded the role of the Economic Committee in conducting economic policies and setting plans and programs that lead to consolidating capabilities of the national economy in the face of all internal and external challenges.

Al-Halqi, said that meeting of the economic committee reviewed many issues including the issue of re-licensing medicine industry in safe areas.

“One of the important issues that were tackled is allowing re-licensing medical industries factories in safe areas according to Ministry of Health specifications,” Premier al-Halqi told journalists.

Al-Halqi: Government Will Continue to Provide Petroleum Products and Essentials for Citizens

Later, al-Halqi chaired a meeting of the petroleum committee during which he stressed that the government will continue to provide all essentials for citizens, including petroleum products, using all methods at its disposal.

He pointed out to the difficulties facing the petroleum sector in Syria due to economic sanction and the security situation, reiterating the government’s commitment to protecting national resources from theft, including petroleum.

The meeting tackled the performance and production of Petroleum Ministry companies and establishments, the challenges they face, and the damages caused to oil rigs, transport lines and stations due to attacks by terrorists.

In a statement to journalists after the meeting, the Prime Minister said that mechanisms for providing petroleum products to citizens have been discussed, noting that there’s an increase in the availability of cooking gas due to opening a number of mobile refilling stations in most provinces.

Al-Halqi: Government Open to All Political and Social Forces

Premier al-Halqi chaired a meeting between the ministerial committee for implementing the political program to resolve the crisis in Syria and members of the executive bureau of the New Syria Movement headed by its Secretary General Sana’a Nasser.

During the meeting, al-Halqi said that the positive results of the committee’s meetings are essential for the upcoming dialogue conference, affirming the importance of such meetings and that the government is open to all political and social forces that are willing to enter the political process.

He noted that this also applies to opposition forces and arm groups which decide to abandon arms, reviewing the steps and guarantees provided by the government for the return of displaced Syrians and the opposition forces abroad that wish to engage in national dialogue.

The Prime Minister underlined the role of new parties and political movements in drawing Syria’s future and enriching political life and dialogue, affirming that the government is committed to providing essentials and services to all areas in Syria, adding that there’s a strategic reserve of supplies and consumer and medical products.

He also lauded the achievements of the Syrian Army in pursuing terrorists and restoring security and safety to Syria.

For her part, Nasser voiced the Movement’s support for the political program and the government’s efforts to ensure the success of national dialogue and restore stability and security across Syria.

Members of the executive bureau proposed ideas for enriching dialogue and dealing with some economic and services issues, in addition to suggestions for combating corruption and supporting youths.

In a statement to journalists following the meeting, Secretary-General of the New Syria Movement stressed the importance of touching upon the interests of the Syrian people and that the views of all political and social forces be discussed in the forthcoming dialogue.

Nasser indicated that the Syrians are in agreement on the values of citizenship and safeguarding the interests of the homeland.

R. Milhem / Ghossoun / H. Sabbagh


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