Israel declares war on Syria: Syrian People’s Assembly


People's Assembly Denounces Israeli Aggression, Calls on International Community to Take Firm Stance

May 05, 2013

The People's Assembly strongly denounced the treacherous Israeli aggression against sites in Damascus Countryside, saying it constitutes a blatant interference in the Syrian crisis which reflects Israel's involvement in the plot against Syria.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the People's Assembly said that the aggression clearly shows that the terrorists, who have always sought the aid of NATO and Israel, are on their last legs thanks to the actions of the Syrian Army.

The Assembly said that Syria's leadership, Army and people are fully capable of defending its sovereignty against any foreign aggression, and that those who think that Syria is preoccupied with its crisis and fighting terrorism and cannot repel a foreign aggression are deluded, asserting that the Syrian people will not be broken.

The statement noted that this aggression couldn't have happened without being greenlit by the US and without coordination with the Arab Gulf and other sides in the region, particularly after the "pilgrimages" carried out by sides from the Arab Gulf to Washington in which they begged for US military intervention to save their terrorist pawns from defeat at the hands of the Syrian Army.

The Assembly said that the organized international terrorism led by Israel requires the international community as represented by the Security Council and the UN to take a firm stance and put an end to Israel's violation of international law and countries' sovereignty.

The statement concluding by saying that Israel's terrorism requires the region's countries to take a clear stance regarding the ongoing Israeli piracy.

H. Sabbagh


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