Are Washington and Tel Aviv responsible for Syria’s Internet blackout ?


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August 8, 2012

Some days ago, their was a new bomb attack against the building of the Syrian TV.
It was not the first time that the Syrian television was victim of a bomb attack.  And it is clear that Washington which blocks regularly the website of the Syrian Press Agency SANA, wants to destroy Syria on this way.
Washington bombed also the TV-buildings of Serbia and Libya.  It is using now suicide bombers for the terrorist actions which are well informed via sophisticated american satellite technology...


Syrian Journalists Stage Sit-in in Condemnation of Terrorist Attack against al-Ikhbariya TV

June 27, 2012, DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Syrian journalists staged a sit-in in front of the General Organization of Radio & Television building, with the participation of Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi in condemnation of the terrorist attack against al-Ikhbariya TV Channel.

Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi, in a statement to the journalists, said that the massacre committed against the journalists and a free Syrian TV channel is a literal implementation of the Arab League Council's decision on stopping the broadcast of Syrian TV channels by force.

He added that the package of sanctions issued by the European Union on Tuesday has been implemented today at the expense of civilians and journalists.

He added that the EU, the UN Security Council, the UN observer team in Syria, the UN Secretary General, the President of the Human Rights Council, the AL Secretary General, Council and foreign ministers are partners in this crime and they should shoulder their responsibilities.

The Minister said that the Ministry of Information and the Syrian state and journalists will not keep silent about what happened, expressing hope that the site of the crime would be available for all those who want to go there and met the locals to closely inspect the reality of what happened and who committed the massacre.

Minister Omran offered condolences to all journalists, adding that the incident requires calmness and review and there is team for this purpose.

Director of al-Ikhbariya TV Channel, Imad Sarah, said that targeting al-Ikhbariya means targeting the national media, the word of right and the other opinion.

A number of journalists, cultural and political figures who participated in the sit-in condemned this terrorist act, expressing confidence that the national media will continue to shoulder its responsibilities now and in the future.

Chairman of Journalist Union Elias Murad said that the AL decisions and the EU sanctions could not silence the Syrian voice.

Director of the Syrian TV , Ma'an Saleh said that targeting media aimed at targeting Syria in all its capabilities, adding that this terrorist act is a message of their failure in political violence so that they turned to terrorism and destruction.

Political analyst Afif Della said that his participation in the sit-in came to express rejection of all attempts to silence the voice of truth.

The participants prayed for the souls of the martyrs of the terrorist attack to rest in peace.

They stressed that terrorism will make them more determined in the face of terrorist acts and the media campaign launched against Syria.

Al- Ikhbariya Journalists: We'll Continue Conveying Reality of Events

Number of al- Ikhbariya channel journalists stressed that the massacre committed against the channel will not dissuade them from conveying the reality of the events, adding that they are more resolved to defend Syria's dignity.

Editor-in-Chief of the channel, Abdo al-Assadi, said that this massacre targeted not only al- Ikhbaryia channel, but also all the Syrian media.

Al-Assadi added that the workers who were martyred in the attack were armed only with their words and views.

For his part, Chief Editor Adham al-Taweel, said that this terrorist attack targeted the Syrian media as it managed to confront the misleading and provocative media campaign against the country.

Yara Saleh, al-Ikhbariya correspondent, said that this terrorist attack will motivate all journalists and workers at the channel to unmask these terrorists and their actions.

Sit-in in Tartous to Denounce Massacre Committed against al-Ikhbariya Journalists and Workers

Journalists in Tartous also gathered in front of the headquarters of al-Thawra Newspaper to denounce the massacre committed against al-Ikhbariya TV Channel and all other terrorist acts targeting the Syrian people.

The participants stressed that this criminal acts will push journalists to exert more efforts to expose facts and divulge the lies of the misleading channels.

The participants stressed that this criminal acts will push journalists to exert more efforts to expose facts and divulge the lies of the misleading channels. The participants raised national flags and banners that stress national unity in the face of all instigative campaigns which aimed at spreading chaos. Journalists in Lattakia pointed out that the attack against al-Ikhbariya TV proved the success of national media in confronting the lies and fabrications of instigative media.

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