Syria: Washington’s ‘peaceful solution’


May 8, 2013

'Washington announces more aid to Syrian terrorists'

ROME — The Obama administration is providing $100 million in new Syria aid, U.S. officials said Wednesday, but the money is 'for humanitarian purposes only and not linked to any decision on arming Syrian rebels'.

Secretary of State John Kerry will make the announcement today in Rome, where his diplomacy includes a meeting with Jordan’s foreign minister.

The new funds will help support 1.4 million Syrian refugees, including many in U.S. ally Jordan, and hundreds of thousands of other civilians. Total U.S. humanitarian assistance in the two-year war will climb to $510 million.

The U.S. officials weren’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter ahead of Kerry’s announcement and demanded anonymity.

The Obama administration has also said it is considering providing weapons to 'vetted units in the armed opposition, among other military options'.

Underscoring the administration’s goal of a 'peaceful transition of power to end the war', Kerry met for more than five hours Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.

Afterward, Kerry and Lavrov declared that the U.S. and Russia would convene an international conference on Syria in the coming weeks 'with the goal of corralling Assad’s government and opposition representatives into peace talks'.

The White House says that 'Syria’s future cannot include President Bashar Assad'.

White House spokesman Jay Carney says the U.S. views Syria’s future as being a post-Assad future. But he says it’s up to the Syrian opposition to decide 'which elements of Assad’s regime could be included in a transitional government'.


John Kerry's announcement on May 8, 2013 is an old one.
On April 20, 2013, Kerry promised a 'doubling of U.S. Non-lethal Assistance to the Syrian Opposition and New Humanitarian Aid for the Syrian Crisis'.
By arming and funding terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government, US and other Western countries are trying to force government change...

April 20, 2013

'Secretary Kerry Announces Doubling of U.S. Non-lethal Assistance to the Syrian Opposition and New Humanitarian Aid for the Syrian Crisis'

Fact Sheet

Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
April 20, 2013

Following his meetings with Syrian Coalition President al-Khatib, members of the Coalition’s leadership, and international partners supporting the Syrian opposition, Secretary of State John Kerry announced the United States’ intention to double non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition, as well as provide additional humanitarian aid to Syrians in need.

The new non-lethal assistance underscores the United States’ firm support for a political solution to the crisis in Syria and for the opposition’s advancement of an inclusive, tolerant vision for a post-Assad Syria. The United States will work with the Syrian Coalition and other opposition representatives to determine how the new $123 million in non-lethal assistance can best support their efforts to meet the needs of the Syrian people and lead the way to a political transition that will bring an end to this conflict, and build the inclusive, democratic Syria that its people deserve. This new pledge brings our total non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition and civil society groups to $250 million.

The United States will also use a portion of this non-lethal assistance to implement President Obama’s directive to provide an expanded range of support to the Supreme Military Council (SMC). We intend to expand this new support beyond military food rations and medical kits to include other types of non-lethal supplies, which would be determined in collaboration with SMC leadership.

Secretary Kerry urged international partners gathered in Istanbul, as well as all Friends of the Syrian People, to make similar pledges of assistance to the Coalition and the Supreme Military Council with the goal of reaching $1 billion in total international support for the opposition.

In recognition of the devastating humanitarian situation as a result of the crisis in Syria, Secretary Kerry also announced nearly $25 million in additional food assistance for the Syrian people. This aid will provide 25,500 metric tons of wheat – providing four months’ supply of flour to over one million people – as well as food rations for those inside Syria and refugees in Jordan affected by the violence. The United Nations World Food Program will begin distributing the wheat to those in need in all 14 Syrian governorates as quickly as possible. The United States is the largest donor of food assistance both within Syria and for refugees in the affected neighboring countries and is providing a total of over $409 million in humanitarian assistance for the Syrian crisis.

(U.S. Department of State - 'Diplomacy in action')

Photo: Israel bombs Syria.  President Obama said that Israel has 'the right to defend itselves'.

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