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Information Minister: The Turkish People Don't Deserve Erdogan's Barbarity

Jun 1, 2013

Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said Recep Tayyip Erdogan's suppression of the peaceful protests in Turkey yesterday is illogical and reveals his detachment from reality.

Al-Zoubi stressed in a statement on Saturday that the brotherly Turkish people do not deserve this barbarity, adding that it is unjustified that Erdogan should defy his people.

"We wish the Turkish people stability and calm…We call upon Erdogan to show wisdom and not to deal with the Turkish people in the same way he did with Syria," said the Minister.

He added that Erdogan leads his country in a terrorist way and is destroying the civil character of the Turkish people, reiterating that the Turkish people's demands do not deserve all this violence.

Al-Zoubi said if Erdogan is incapable of following non-violent means, he has to step down, stressing that the Turkish people have many and reasonable cadres.

H. Said


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