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Ministerial Political Program Committee Meets Students Union Delegation

Jun 2, 2013

The ministerial committee tasked with implementing the political program for resolving the crisis in Syria met on Sunday with members of the executive bureau of the National Union of Syrian Students, headed by Chairman of the Union Ammar Sa'ati.Chairman of the Committee, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi, reiterated the government's openness to all political and social forces and parties to reach a solution for the crisis, reviewing the results of the Committee's previous meetings.

Al-Halqi pointed out to the guarantees provided for the return of opposition abroad to the homeland, lauding the victories of the Syrian Army in its pursuit of terrorists.

The Prime Minister underlined the historic role of the National Union of Syrian Students, particularly in confronting the war against Syria by rallying the students, exposing the nature of the conspiracy against Syria, and debunking media midsection, in addition to its role in bolstering and spreading the culture of dialogue and rejecting violence.

For his part, Sa'ati affirmed the Union's support for the political program and the government's efforts to confront the economic war imposed on Syria.

Sa'ati also pointed out to the war which targets the education sector in Syria.

Members of the executive bureau presented their viewpoints for the upcoming dialogue conference, stressing the need to focus on the educational sector and students, in addition to liberating occupied lands, specifically the Golan and Liwa'a Iskenderun.

They lauded the role of the Syrian Army in protecting the homeland and the people and combating terrorists, in addition to emphasizing the need to bolster the role played by the Syrian communities abroad.

They also called for establishing a ministry to care for the families of martyrs, bolstering national unity, and combating corruption.

Discussions during the meeting tackled various economic and social issues and matters of concern to Syrian youths, and means for ensuring the success of dialogue.

H. Sabbagh


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