Turkey anti-government protests continue


June 3, 2013

Istanbul’s iconic Taksim square is still occupied with protesters calling for the resignation of the Turkish Prime Minister Raccip Tayipp Erdogan. Protests have been under way since Wednesday over the decision by Erdogan to build a shopping mall over the last park connected to Turkeys famous Taksim square.

Police clashed with protesters and used water cannons and tear gas in efforts to disperse the angry crowd. Amnesty International says two people have lost their lives while doctors patrolling the situation say 4 people are now legally blind due to the extensive use of tear gas. Despite the clear dismay of the Turkish population Erdogan says he will go through with building the mall.

Meanwhile the main Turkish opposition C-H-P party denied these claims and say Erdogan’a dictatorial style ruling is the reason for the hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding his resignation throughout Turkey.

Protests are gaining momentum throughout Turkey including the capitol Ankara. Meanwhile security forces have arrested over 900 protesters.

Turkish media say protests have begun to die down. This, as security forces prevent local media from covering the demonstrations. Despite media clamp down, protests are still in full swing and gaining momentum. Analysts believe protests are having such a big impact because the Turkish prime minister fails to meet public demands.


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