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Israeli Occupation Starts Two Fires in Occupied Syrian Golan

Jun 4, 2013

The Israeli occupation authorities on Tuesday started two fires in Ein al-Tineh site and the slopes of al-Sheikh Mountain in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Selectman of Ein el-Tineh Yousef al-Bassar told SANA's correspondent that these fires aren't the first such acts, as the Israeli occupation started a large fire on Monday evening that spread from the slopes of al-Sheikh Mountain overlooking Majdal Shams to Ein al-Tineh, causing massive damage to farmlands and pastures before the locals managed to put it out.

Al-Bassar said that fires started by the occupation authorities destroy lots of green spaces in the Golan and threaten the extinction of many types of animals and plants, in addition to polluting the air.

The Israeli occupation authorities start dozens of fires every year in the occupied Syrian Golan as part of their policy of aggression against it and its people.

H. Sabbagh


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