Latest News Syria: People's Assembly - changing tax laws


Jun 10, 2013

People's Assembly listened to the Finance Ministry's answers to the written questions submitted earlier by MPs, during a session on Monday chaired by Speaker of the Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham.

Finance Minister, Dr. Ismael Ismael underlined the importance of changing tax laws and devising a new tax system, indicating that the ministry's mission at the next stage would be to restore confidence between the taxpayer and the state to curb tax evasion.

He stressed the importance of tipping off about the cases of buying and selling in dollar as it is related to the state's sovereignty.

The minister considered that the commodity and currency imbalances and the low production levels against an increase in demand and decrease in supply have sent prices soaring, affirming that the national economy remains steadfast despite the standing difficulties.

M. Ismael


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