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Minister of Economy: Developing ties with Russia to achieve economic stability

Jun 13, 2013

Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Dr. Mohammad Zafer Mihbek said Syria is keen to develop economic ties with Russia for realizing economic stability, reconstruction and comprehensive development.

During a meeting of the Syrian-Russian joint cooperation center board of directors on Thursday, Dr. Mihbek said that economic relations are no less important than the political, expressing appreciation for the Russian support to Syria.

Mihbek hoped the center would have an effective role in encouraging small and medium-sized projects and the youth projects, indicating that the center's activity depends on the businessmen's efforts in both countries.

The minister underlined the government's care for offering all necessary support to the center to assume a commercial and marketing role, pointing to its expected role in drawing Russian investments, especially as regards the infrastructure projects in the framework of reconstruction process after the crisis ends.

The participants in the meeting discussed the services to be offered to the business sector, emphasizing the importance that the board of directors carries out its tasks, especially with relation to proposing draft laws that the legal environment needs for developing economic ties with Russia.

The center approves cooperation agreements with counterpart bodies and centers and proposes draft laws that the legal environment needs for developing economic and trade relations with Russia.

Syria and Russia signed an agreement last August in Moscow to establish a joint center for geopolitical, scientific, technical and trade cooperation as to beef up the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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