Latest News Syria: Army operations continue


Army operations continue, many terrorists killed, explosive devices dismantled

Jun 18, 2013

A unit of the armed forces foiled an armed terrorist group’s infiltration attempt from Lebanon to Syria in Talkalakh, Homs countryside.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that heavy losses were inflicted upon the armed terrorist groups while attempting to infiltrate from Lebanon into Syria across al-Tahouna site.

The source added that units of the armed forces targeted terrorists’ gathering in Tal Dao, Tal Dahab and Kafr Laha in al-Hola countryside and al-Rastan al-Tahtani and another gathering on al-Rastan-Hurbinafsuh road in Hama countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists.

Attempt to detonate roadside bombs on Palmyra road foiled

In another context, an army unit foiled an attempt by a group of terrorists to detonate two roadside bombs planted on Palmyra-al-Taifour road in Homs, a military source told SANA.

The source noted that the roadside bombs weighed 200 kg each.

Terrorists killed, workshops for making bombs and mortar shells destroyed in Damascus Countryside

Units of the armed forces destroyed three workshops used by the terrorists to make explosive devices and mortar shells and seized amounts of weapons and ammunition in Eastern Ghouta and a number of towns in Damascus Countryside.

SANA reporter quoted an official source as saying that a number of terrorists, including a sniper, were killed in Douma city and Adra al-Balad town.

Terrorists Zuhir al-Nabki, Mohammad Hassan and Mehdi Shihab were identified among the dead.

The source added that army units destroyed three workshops for making explosive devices and mortar shells were destroyed in the Industrial Area in Douma.

A unit of the armed forces killed and injured members of an armed terrorist group in al-Mleiheh area, according to the source.

Another army unit, the source said, carried out a special operation against a terrorist group in Erbin town which resulted in killing a number of terrorists, including Mehi Eddin Taleh.

Clashes erupted between an army unit and a terrorist group in Halboun town. Terrorist Saif Eddin Quweider and other members of the group were killed.

A unit of the armed forces killed several terrorists and their seized automatic rifles, bombs and ammunition in the eastern farms of Barzeh. Terrorist Hisham al-Hannawi was identified among the dead.

In Daraya city, units of the armed forces continued operations against terrorist groups in several areas, killing a number of terrorists, including a terrorist group’s leader named Abdullah Barri.

The engineering units dismantled three explosive devices, over 30 kg each, which the terrorists had planted inside the citizens’ houses near the Bakery in the city.

Weapons warehouse destroyed, Libyan terrorists killed in Lattakia

A unit of the armed forces destroyed an ammunition and weapons warehouse and a number of tunnels for Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists during operations they carried out in the villages of al-Shahroura and al-Hayat in the northern countryside of Lattakia.

A military source told SANA reporter that the operations resulted in killing numbers of terrorists, most of them are non-Syrians.

Five Libyan terrorists were identified among the dead. Those are Mohammad Abdul-Salam, Sakhr Masrata and Khattab Zantan and two others called Abo Zubaida and Abo Omar.

The source added that another army unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorists in the villages of Beit Ibleq and Wadi al-Shikhan, killing all members of a terrorist group called “Ahrar al-Sham Brigade”

Terrorists Omar Bakkoura, Omar al-Tabbani, Abdul-Rahman al-Sheikh and Hamdi Abo al-Reesh were identified among the dead.

A unit of the armed forces clashed with an armed terrorist group that tries to infiltrate into the villages of Khirbet Soulas and Beit Fares and killed a number of its members.

Numbers of terrorists killed in several areas in Idleb countryside

Army units killed numbers of terrorists in Taftanaz, Binnesh, Sarjeh, Ram Hamdan, Hezano, Sheikh Bahr, Tall Minnes, al-Hamidiyeh and Omjerin in the countryside of Idelb, a military source told SANA.

The source added that heavy machineguns and a mortar for the terrorists were destroyed in Jabal al-Arbaeen area.

Units of the armed forces killed and injured Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorists in the areas of al-Qanieh, al-Najiyeh, Ihsem, Kafrshlaya, M’atrem, Nahleh, Abu al-Duhour and M’artamsarin in the countryside, according to the source.

An army unit clashed with an armed terrorist gtoup that had been committing acts of looting and abduction near al-Janoudiyh crossroads in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughour.

Explosive devices dismantled in Daraa

In the countryside of Daraa, army units dismantled a number of mines and explosive devices planted by terrorist groups in Kafr Shamsin on Deir al-Adas road.

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