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PM: Government bent on providing basic materials for citizens

Jun 24, 2013

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi affirmed that the government will continue to back basic materials and provide the necessary living conditions for citizens in all areas.

During his meeting on Monday with members of Parliament (MPs) representing Tartous governorate, al-Halqi said that the national economy is robust, balanced and adaptable to the current conditions under the crisis as evidenced by the government raising the salaries of state workers.

Premier al-Halqi reaffirmed that the Syrian people are the inheritors of diverse civilizations and are capable of holding firm under the crisis.

The government is keen to improve the economic and living conditions for citizens as to achieve economic and social development that realize the aspirations of citizens, the Premier underlined.

He stressed that the government will take a firm line on the manipulators of the SYP value, adding that it will continue to clamp down on manipulation and SYP exchange rate speculation.

Al-Halqi was briefed by the MPs on the reality of service and development sectors in Tartous.

The government is bent on compensating for the affected citizens in all areas, adding that the government is exerting immense efforts to iron out difficulties for ensure decent living conditions for citizens, Premier al-Halqi said.

Al-Halqi underlined the importance of cooperation between local and legislative authorities in every province to upgrade all sectors and penalize the corrupt.

The MPs hailed the government's efforts to confront challenges and difficulties facing the development and service sectors in all governorates, affirming interest in achieving security and stability for all citizens and rejection of extremism and violence.

They also hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian army for foiling the conspiracy against Syria.

Prime Minister: no ban on dealings with Foreign Currencies

In a relevant context, the economic committee at the cabinet held a meeting with the economic activities to discuss mechanisms of reaching active decisions in the interests of the citizens in light of the universal war launched against Syria.

During the meeting, al-Halqi denied any measure which bans dealing with the foreign currencies, saying that this rumor "comes as part of the universal media and economic war against Syria to decrease the value of the Syrian pound against foreign currencies."

"The government puts the interest of the citizens on its priorities as it allocates the majority of its resources to the agriculture sector to ensure the food security to all people,'' Prime Minister added.  

The economic activities, for their part, called for drawing economic integrative policies between the public institutions and several activities to be able to face the economic challenges.

They also called for punishing those who trade with the price of the Syrian pound and take active polices against the manipulators and traders with the citizens' livelihood.

Fares al-Shihabi, chairman of the chambers of Industry pointed out to the importance of the state's positive intervention through prosecuting the traders with the Syrian pound price and putting an end to the rise of prices.

He added that the economic activities called on the government to fund the imports with different currencies prices.  

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