Latest News Syria: President al-Assad's speech to al-thawra daily

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Scholars and imams: President al-Assad speech to al-Thawra daily comprehensive

July 4, 2013

Scholars, imams, directors of religious schools and Sharia institutes in Syria affirmed that President Bashar al-Assad's speech to al-thawra daily was comprehensive, true and honest which touched upon the feelings and minds of Syrian citizens. 
"Your people read today what they have known about you since several years... you have corrected a lot of concepts, particularly regarding the religious work, our Islamic identity and civilization… you have protected our homeland and nation through your words as you instructed to return to the holy Quran and the orders of Prophet Mohammad PBUH," the scholars said in a cable sent to the President. 
They added that he who has this mentality and vision wouldn't be defeated by enemies. 
The imams and scholars pledged that the religious schools with all their cadres will remain committed to the Quran and Sunna to overcome terrorism and takfiri mentality. 



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