Latest News Syria: Brazilian delegation

November 29, 2013

Damascus, (SANA)- Members of the visiting Brazilian delegation visited on Friday the Syria Arab Army's wounded personnel in Martyr Yusuf al-Azmeh Hospital in Damascus.

Comprising academic, media, cultural, youth and legal figures representing various institutions, parties and organizations in Brazil, the delegation has been on a visit to Syria to express support to its people against the imperialist attack waged against them.

The delegation members said the visit aims to express solidarity with the Syrian army in its confrontation against imperialism.

20131129-141135.jpgThey considered the victories achieved by the Syria army as a victory for all the peoples who struggle for justice around the world.

The Brazilian supporters voiced their organizations' readiness to offer all forms of support to Syria's people and army in defending their country against terrorism that is backed by global Zionism.

Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party in Brazil Hassan Abbass noted that Syria is facing a global conspiracy aimed at destroying its civilization, pointing out that the Brazilian people are supporting Syria in confronting terrorism because defending Syria contributes to restoring international security and stability.

H. Said

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