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Syrian olive oil no longer faces problem regarding export

December 5, 2013

The International Olive Council has agreed not to regard the issue of the high delta-7-stigmasterol value in the Syrian olive oil as a problem anymore, according to Director of the Olive Office in Syria Muhannad Malnadi.

This, Malnadi told SANA, will qualify the product to enter international markets and reflect positively on a large number of workers in the olive oil sector.

Olive oil produced in the Syrian coast only used to suffer from this issue, but as it is no longer a problem, this will help open new export markets in the future for this kind of oil.

The value of the total production of olive sector reaches SYP 90 billion, while the net revenue amounts to SYP 30 billion, Malnadi noted.

He added that it is expected that olive production this year will reach 950,000 tons. Around 165,000 tons will be allocated as edible olives, while 165,000 tones will be used for producing oil. Amounts of olives and oil will be exported.

Syria was ranked first among the Arab countries and forth internationally in olive oil production last season, while it came second on the Arab countries' level and forth on the international level in edible olives production.


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