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December 14, 2013

On anniversary of Israel’s annexation, people of occupied Golan remain resistant

Occupied Golan, (SANA)- Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan affirmed commitment to their Syrian Arab identity on the 32nd anniversary of the Zionist Knesset evil decision to annex the Golan to its entity.

The Syrian citizens Saturday issued a statement rejecting the Israeli decision, showing determination to resist the occupation and its decisions aiming at distorting the civilized, cultural features, confiscating the land, water and applying the Israeli null laws on the Golan.

“We aspire with big longing to the day of liberation at the hands of the Syrian Arab army under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad,” the statement said.

It affirmed full support to the national document issued by the meeting of the Muslim Muahideen Aqel Sheiks in Lebanon and Syria held in Jabal al-Arab which expressed belonging the homeland, and that Golan is part and parcel of Syria.

The Israeli occupation authorities on December 14th, 1981 applied the decision of annexing the Golan when the Syrian citizens rejected the Israeli identity and staged broad popular protests.

Driven by their unfaltering adherence to the Syrian identity and homeland, the people of Golan announced their rejection of the Israeli so-called “Annexation Law” immediately upon its announcement, moving to political and struggle work in defiance.

They declared general strikes, the most explosive of which was in February 14, 1982 which lasted 6 months to abrogate the Israeli law and ended up in burning the Israeli identity cards which they were forced upon them in the squares of the villages.

The Syrian government then succeeded in bringing the UN Security Council to convene and look into the Israeli decision. Resolution 497 came out deeming Israel’s practices and imposition of its laws and administrative legislations in Golan as null and legally ineffective on the international level, and demanding their cancellation.

The United Nations have issued many decisions stressing that the Israeli annexation decision is null and demanding withdrawal from the Golan. However, Israel has been trampling on these decisions and continuing its despotic practices against the people of Golan.

The latest of such decisions was last November when the UN General Assembly adopted once again a resolution demanding Israel to fully withdraw from the Syrian Golan to the line of June 4th, 1967 so as to implement the relevant UN Security Council’s resolutions.

The General Assembly stressed then that the continued Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan and its annexation de facto constitute a stumbling block in front of achieving just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East region.

Territories of the Syrian Golan still under occupation cover 1 percent of Syria over 1860 km2, including 6 villages. Those are Majdal Shams, Mas’ada, Baq’atha, Ein Qenieh, al-Ghajar and Sahita.

However, in 1971-1972 the inhabitants of Sahita were displaced and moved to Mas’ada and the village was destroyed by the occupation authorities and turned into a camp.

Israel continued establishing settlements in Golan, whose number amounted to 35 build on the ruins of the Syrian villages. The number of minefields in the occupied Golan planted by Israel however is 76, some inside the inhabited villages.

These practices aim at desperately trying to change the demographic equation of the Golan and to import thousands of settlers to invest in it so as to follow the Israeli economic structure, an attempt that keeps failing as it collides with the strong love for and unswerving belief in the homeland driving the people of Golan.

Israel’s violations of international laws and resolutions have gone beyond continuing the occupation of the Golan to that of using its land as a passage for the terrorists who have streamed into Syria from all corners of the world, proving itself on the top of the forces of terrorism and criminality which have joined hands to strike Syria and the resistance in the region.

H. Said/ Mazen

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