West Makes Ukraine A Battlefield In New East-West Conflict

Xinhua News Agency

December 13, 2013

Commentary: Western powers should respect Ukraine over domestic affairs

BEIJING: Western powers have attempted to manipulate the opinions of the Ukrainian people over whether the country should sign a key trade and association pact with the European Union (EU).

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland flew to Kiev and offered support to protesters in Independence Square, joining the league of the opposition demanding the fall of democratically-elected President Viktor Yanukovich.

Nuland is far from the only Western politician who has gone to cheer on the protesters. German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle toured the heart of the protest camp with two opposition leaders, telling them that “Ukraine should be on board with Europe.”

Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers warned of sanctions, while EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton told reporters in Kiev that Yanukovich had promised a solution within 24 hours...


Photo: European Union Trade Commissioner Catherine Ashton delivers a speech during the conference on ''BusinessEurope - Going Global: the Way forward'' at the EU Commission in Brussels October 28, 2008

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