Latest News Syria: West has started to grasp the danger of Jihadists

Lavrov: West started to grasp danger of Jihadists taking Syria's helm

Moscow, Dec 20, 2013 (SANA) - The West has started to grasp the danger of Jihadists taking over power in Syria, Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov said in an interview on Friday.

"Both in private conversations and public comments some western politicians have started voicing their thoughts that given that Jihadists and terrorists who are building up their influence in Syria, occupying territories, immediately introducing Sharia law after it, massacring minorities and burning people alive only because they are adherents of a different faith, President Bashar al-Assad being the leader of Syria is not a threat as is the case if Jihadists take the country over," the Russian Foreign Minister told RIA Novosti news agency.

Almost all the participants and organizers of an international conference on Syria which is to take place in Geneva on January 22 next year, agree on the importance of Iran taking part in the forum, Russian Foreign Minister said in the interview.

"There are signs of positive impact Iran could have on the settling process of the Syrian conflict. Almost everybody talks about it in private conversations and some officials have started speaking publicly in favor of Iran taking part in the conference," he said.

According to Lavrov, "those who oppose the participation of Iran do this coming from ideological considerations rather than common interests".

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