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Damascus, PM stresses importance of boosting cooperation with Iran

Dec 29, 2013 (SANA) – Prime Minister  Wael al-Halqi discussed with secretary of the Syrian-Iranian Economic Technical Committee, Rustum Qasemi, mechanisms of boosting cooperation in the domains of health, electricity, oil and transport.

The meeting touched upon the necessity of making use of the line of credit as to continue the providing essential materials to the Syrian people according to a specified timetable.

The Prime Minister stressed the deep-rooted and strategic relations between the two countries which entail the increase of integration, cooperation and coordination to boost the capacities of the axis of resistance.

He hailed the glorious victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in eradicating and pursuing terrorists and mercenaries and restoring security and stability to Syria.

Qasemi expressed confidence that victory is will be for Syria and the axis of steadfastness against all suspicious schemes in the region, stressing that Iran is morally and strategically obliged to support Syria and provide all requirements for supporting the steadfastness of the Syrians.

Afterwards, the meetings of the Syrian-Iranian Economic Technical Committee kicked off, headed by Syrian Cabinet Secretary-General Taisir al-Zoubi and Qasemi.

Al-Zoubi stressed the need to carry out the agreements signed by the two countries and finding new means to improve bilateral cooperation, while Qasemi affirmed Iran’s commitment to expanding cooperation with Syria and providing it with various needs and supplies.

Later, the Committee met Electricity Ministry Imad Khamis and discussed means to implement contracted signed by the two sides for enhancing the electric power grid in Syria, establishing power stations, and providing the supplies and equipment needed by the electric power sector via the credit line.

In the same context, the Committee met Health Minister Saad al-Nayef, Internal Trade and Consumer Proteciton Minister Samir Qadi Amin, and Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Sleiman al-Abbas, discussing with them bilateral agreements, particularly ones to providing petroleum products, medicine, medical equipment and flour through the credit line.

In a similar meeting with Industry Minister Kamal Eddin Taameh and Transport Minister Mohammad Saeed, the Committee discussed means to revitalize Siamoc car company and other factories, in addition to cooperation in the fields of electronics, railways and aviation.

In a statement to journalists following the meetings, Qasemi said that the results of these meetings were very good as they resulted in mechanisms for overcoming obstacles hindering the implementation of various agreements, adding that the meetings also discussed the most minute details of the credit line agreement.

In a similar statement, al-Zoubi lauded the efforts exerted by Iran in supporting Syria in its war against terrorism, saying that the meetings produces remarkable results and a new mechanism for coordination and communication to ensure the implementation of bilateral agreements.

Al-Halqi: universal war on Syria target Arab, Islamic nations

Al-Halqi affirmed that the universal feverish war on Syria target the Arab, Islamic nations with their national, religious identities in the interest of Zionism, the US and their tools in the region.

Meeting participants in the forum of media of resistance in the face of war on Syria, al-Halqi said that the cultural dimension of the war on Syria is considered as one of the most factors that affect Man as enemies of the nation attempted to infiltrate the culture security of the Arab, Islamic nations and fight the Islamic true, moderate religion which calls for amity and tolerance.

He affirmed the importance of cooperation, integration among mass media which resist the Zionist-US projects that aim at achieving a takfiri culture attack.

Al-Halqi hailed the role of national mass media in uncovering the misleading media which fabricate lies and call for sedition, killing and sabotage.

On the economic situation in Syria, al-Halqi underlined that the country has strategic stockpile of wheat, nutritional materials, oil products and medicine that help ensure the demands of the citizens.

Members of the delegation appreciated the efforts of the Syrian government during the crisis which proved capability of resistance. 

Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi attended the meeting.

F.Allafi / H. Sabbagh/ Mazen


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