Latest News: Syria condemns terrorist blast in Beirut

Syria condemns terrorist blast in southern suburb of Beirut

Damascus, Jan 3, 2014 (SANA) – People's Assembly on Thursday condemned, with the strongest terms, the explosion which targeted Lebanon's stability in the southern suburb of Beirut.

A car bomb blew off in Hreik neighborhood in southern Beirut, claiming the lives of 4 citizens, injuring 65 others and causing huge material damage to the place.


"The terrorist crime was order of operations by the side which leads terrorists in al-Anbar in Iraq and in Syria aiming at compensating the defeats the Wahabi gangs have received at the hands of Syrian, Iraqi armies," A statement by the Assembly said.

It added that the systemized target of Lebanon's stability through car bombs undoubtedly asserts that there are sides who want to engage Lebanon in a big sedition.


The Assembly announced its firm support to the Arab people in Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt against that terrorist, extremist mentality which" feed on the human meat and drink their bloods."

"Our battle is one, our enemy is one in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia and Russia… as this terrorism is cross-border," the statement added.

Information Ministry condemns the terrorist explosion

Meanwhile, Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi said that Syria condemns the terrorist blast which hit the southern district of Beirut, adding that Syria considers this blast as "a terrorist act condemned by all standards."


The Minister pointed out that the war on terrorism is the duty of all world countries and that the perpetrators of terrorism and the regimes supporting them must be held accountable.



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