Latest News Syria: Syrian women raise their voices

Syrian women raise their voices

Souher Atassi. representing  Saudi-American Syrian women.jpg

United Nations, 22 January 2014

Nearly 50 Syrian women came together from within and outside Syria at a conference, facilitated by UN Women, from 11 to 13 January 2014 in Geneva, to appeal for peace, to call for a voice in the ongoing political negotations on their country.

Particularly during the 'Geneva II' Peace Talks that opened in Switzerland yesterday, and to draw the world's attention to the continuing tragedy facing their people.



- Geneva 2, al-Moallem: “We are here representing the Syrian people, the Government & the State, the Army, the President Bashar al-Assad, the blood of our martyrs, the tears of our bereaved, the heartbreak & the anguish of families of kidnapped or missing, the cries of our children, the hopes of an entire generation destroyed, the courage of mothers and fathers, of families whose homes have been destroyed…”

- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: “Iran exclusion from Geneva2 a mistake, pushed by those who want Assad out” ~ (+ 3 Videos)

- Terrorists Continue Attacks on Syrian Christian Town

- President Bashar al-Assad’s interview with Agence France Presse ~ Interview du président Bachar al-Assad avec l’Agence France Presse ~ El presidente Bashar al-Assad entrevista con la Agencia Francesa de Prensa ~ Eng/Fra/Esp

- Geneva-2 Conference on Syria, Video Speeches by Walid al-Muallem, Bashar al-Ja’afari, Sergey Lavrov, John Kerry, Ban Ki-moon, Ahmad Jarba ~ (Eng-Fra-Arab-Esp):

- Report from Libya-Jamahiriya: “Southern Libya Liberated by Green Resistance”

Photo: Souher Atassi, representing the “Syrian women” for the so called “Syrian National Coalition”

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