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Contract signed with Chinese company to develop Hama tire company

Jan 19, 2014

Damascus, (SANA) – The General Company for Manufacturing Tires in Hama (Apamea) signed a memo of understanding with the Chinese company CAMC to rehabiliate the company’s machinery and equipment and install new machinery.

The memo, signed on Saturday at the Industry Ministry in Damascus, stipulates for continuing cooperation in order to reach a tender for rehabilitating the General Company’s equipment, with CAMC providing a credit loan covering 85% of the project’s costs.

The memo also covers providing new production lines for manufacturing new tire sizes at a capacity of 18,000 tons per year, in addition to 9,000 tons of light and heavy trucks and agricultural equipment tires.

Other items on the memo involve CAMC establishing related projects for processing recycled rubber, in addition to providing training for Syrian workers.

On a relevant note, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development received a tender from the Chinese company CANSI for building housing units for the General Establishment Housing.

This came during a meeting between Housing and Urban Development Minister Hussein Farzat and a delegation representing Chinese companies, with Farzat briefing the delegation on some of the Ministry’s projects and discussing the proposed tender.

H. Sabbagh

http://sana.sy/eng/24/2014/01/19/523279.htm - http://sana.sy/eng/21/2014/01/23/523978.htm

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