Latest News Syria: Constructive cooperation with China

PM stresses Syria’s commitment to enhance relations with China

Damascus, Jan 23, 2014 (SANA) – Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, discussed with a delegation from the Chinese company CAMC the agreements signed with several government and private sides in the field of expanding electric power plants and developing Hama tires factory and the possibility of building 12,000 housing units for the displaced people and other 25,000 housing units.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the factors of security and stability which have started to be witnessed in various areas of Syria encourage launching construction, development and service projects in cooperation with Chinese companies, particularly in the field of electric power, housing, telecommunications, airports, ports and railways.

Al-Halqi hailed the firm political stances of China in support of Syria at the international forums, pointing out to the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army over the terrorists and restoring security and stability to all Syrian territories in coincidence with the government’s measures in confronting the economic, media and cultural war.

For his part, CAMC regional director pointed out to the comfortable and suitable atmosphere for investment in Syria, expressing the company’s readiness to launch several projects in Syria in various fields.



2014/01/20 - Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on January 20, 2014:


Latest News Syria: government


PM: Government bent on providing basic materials for citizens

Jun 24, 2013

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi affirmed that the government will continue to back basic materials and provide the necessary living conditions for citizens in all areas.

During his meeting on Monday with members of Parliament (MPs) representing Tartous governorate, al-Halqi said that the national economy is robust, balanced and adaptable to the current conditions under the crisis as evidenced by the government raising the salaries of state workers.

Premier al-Halqi reaffirmed that the Syrian people are the inheritors of diverse civilizations and are capable of holding firm under the crisis.

The government is keen to improve the economic and living conditions for citizens as to achieve economic and social development that realize the aspirations of citizens, the Premier underlined.

He stressed that the government will take a firm line on the manipulators of the SYP value, adding that it will continue to clamp down on manipulation and SYP exchange rate speculation.

Al-Halqi was briefed by the MPs on the reality of service and development sectors in Tartous.

The government is bent on compensating for the affected citizens in all areas, adding that the government is exerting immense efforts to iron out difficulties for ensure decent living conditions for citizens, Premier al-Halqi said.

Al-Halqi underlined the importance of cooperation between local and legislative authorities in every province to upgrade all sectors and penalize the corrupt.

The MPs hailed the government's efforts to confront challenges and difficulties facing the development and service sectors in all governorates, affirming interest in achieving security and stability for all citizens and rejection of extremism and violence.

They also hailed the sacrifices of the Syrian army for foiling the conspiracy against Syria.

Prime Minister: no ban on dealings with Foreign Currencies

In a relevant context, the economic committee at the cabinet held a meeting with the economic activities to discuss mechanisms of reaching active decisions in the interests of the citizens in light of the universal war launched against Syria.

During the meeting, al-Halqi denied any measure which bans dealing with the foreign currencies, saying that this rumor "comes as part of the universal media and economic war against Syria to decrease the value of the Syrian pound against foreign currencies."

"The government puts the interest of the citizens on its priorities as it allocates the majority of its resources to the agriculture sector to ensure the food security to all people,'' Prime Minister added.  

The economic activities, for their part, called for drawing economic integrative policies between the public institutions and several activities to be able to face the economic challenges.

They also called for punishing those who trade with the price of the Syrian pound and take active polices against the manipulators and traders with the citizens' livelihood.

Fares al-Shihabi, chairman of the chambers of Industry pointed out to the importance of the state's positive intervention through prosecuting the traders with the Syrian pound price and putting an end to the rise of prices.

He added that the economic activities called on the government to fund the imports with different currencies prices.  

M. Ismael/ Mazen


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Latest News Syria: Protests against government in Turkey



Popular Protests against Erdogan's Government Continue, Almost 1,000 Injured

June 2, 2013

Hundreds of thousands of protesters on Sunday took out to the streets in the main cities in Turkey chanting slogans demanding the Turkish government's resignation and Erdogan's departure.

Popular protests against the policies of the Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which continue for the third day in a row  in Ankara, Istanbul and other areas, described the government as being "fascist".

The protestors stressed that they will not bow to that who believes himself "the new Ottoman wali' of  the Turkish people.

The Turkish police has responded to the peaceful protest by using tear gas and water cannon to disperse the protesters in Istanbul and the capital Ankara, in addition to other areas.

In reaction, some protestors tried to throw stones near Erdogan's office in Istanbul, while hundreds of protestors ignited fire in Tunali area in Ankara.

Helicopter launched tear gas on the residential neighborhoods, while photos on the Youtube showed an armored police truck hit a protestor.

A protestor in Taksim Square said that "demonstrations are for democracy and they will grow on".

The protestors expressed anger for the limited converge of the demonstrations by the Turkish TV channels due to the terrifying policy of the Government as dozens of journalists were arrested at Erdogan's era.

Erdogan Calls Demonstrators "Saboteurs"

Meanwhile, Erdogan lashed out at the demonstrators who took to the streets in protest against his policies as leader of the government of the Justice and Development Party which, according to them, lay the foundations for a new dictatorship.

Speaking during a conference of the Balkan Turks Association today, Erdogan described the protesters as "saboteurs" who want to block the development of Turkey.

Erdogan used the pretext of "military coup d'état" to justify the crackdown on the peaceful protesters, a pretext he previously used to get rid of his opponents by deposing them and putting them in jail and prosecuting them.

He ignored the popular demands for launching public liberties, stopping the "Brotherhoodization" of the Turkish state's institutions and the resignation of the government, by trying to make believe that the protest was all about opposition to uprooting trees in Taksim Square.

According to media reports, two persons were killed and more than 1000 others were injured because of the use of violence and excessive force by the security forces which receive their orders from Erdogan.

Rescue people told the media that about 1000 people were admitted to hospitals in Istanbul, while hundreds others were injured in Ankara due to clashes with the police.

A large number of protesters were arrested, which was estimated by the Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Guler at 939 detainees in more than 90 protests.

Amnesty International Criticizes Excessive Force Use by Turkish Police against Protesters

The Amnesty International criticized the use of excessive force by the Turkish police to disperse the popular protests against Erdogan's government which caused the death of two protesters and the injury of more than 1000 others.

"The Turkish authorities must order police to stop using excessive force against peaceful protesters in Istanbul and immediately investigate alleged abuses," said Amnesty International.

It noted that excessive force is routinely used by law enforcement officials to disperse protests in Turkey.

However, Europe and Central Asia Director at the organization, John Dalhuisen, said "The use of violence by police on this scale appears designed to deny the right to peaceful protest altogether and to discourage others from taking part."

The organization talked about the Turkish police officers using water cannon and tear gas for two days "to disperse a peaceful protest against the destruction of Gezi Park in central Istanbul," stressing that this is unacceptable.

It pointed out that Amnesty activists who were observing the protest were also hit with truncheons and tear gasses.

"The use of tear gas against peaceful protestors and in confined spaces where it may constitute a serious danger to health is unacceptable, breaches international human rights standards and must be stopped immediately," said Dallhuisen.

“The Turkish authorities must order police to halt any excessive use of force and urgently investigate all reports of abuse. They have a duty to ensure that people can exercise their right to free expression and assembly.

The organization has received several reports about preventing the injured protesters from receiving any medical care and taking them to police stations.

The Amnesty International issued an urgent call upon its activities around the world to take procedures regarding Turkey and called on Erdogan to cease the police' violence and end all aspects of abuse.

The spark of protests was triggered because of a project to uproot 600 trees from the Gazi Park in Taksim Square in Istanbul in the framework of a plan set by Erdogan government's to build a shopping centre as part of a large scale regeneration of the area. The Park has always been  considered an outlet for the city's citizens.

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Latest News Syria: Syrian government


PM: Government is Moving Ahead with Shouldering Responsibilities towards Citizens

Mar 28, 2013

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi on Thursday said that the Government is moving ahead with steady steps in complementing its Ministerial Statement according to priorities and capabilities available and provide all citizens’ needs.

In a speech before the People’s Assembly, al-Halqi highlighted that Syria is fighting international terrorism exported to it from 40 countries through the supplies of money and arms to the terrorist groups.

He stressed the government’s full support for the Syrian army “being the only guarantor of the homeland and citizens’ security”, saying that despite the fact the armed terrorist groups are going on with their terrorism to exhaust the Syrian economy, “yet, we will move ahead to foil these plots.”

The premier noted that the ministerial committee in charge of implementing the political program to solve the crisis in Syria has already held more than 35 meetings with most parties and societal spectra in Damascus and the other provinces.

The premier assured that the navigation movement at the ports of Lattakia and Tartous is quite good, stressing that ships are waiting to unload their cargos of imported goods of living needs for citizens.

He pointed out that the government has made a decision to buy ten civil planes to facilitate services for citizens.

As for the oil, al-Halqi affirmed that the refineries of Homs and Baniyas are able to secure a large part of the citizens’ needs of oil derivatives, while the rest is being imported from friendly countries.

He also stressed that a new gas filling station in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside after Adra station went out of service.

The Prime Minister assured that the workshops for fixing electricity network repairs are working around the clock to ensure that power is available in all areas, adding that the government is continuing efforts to secure the highest percentages of water despite the continued terrorist attacks against pumping stations.

Premier al-Halqi affirmed that the education, health and communications sectors are steadfast despite all challenges imposed by the acts of terrorism and the economic sanctions.

He noted that the issue of abduction, regarding which a law was recently issued, is considered one of the priorities of the judicial system in as much as corruption is an important priority for the Control and Inspection Department at the Ministry of Justice.

Al-Halqi reiterated that the government is shouldering its national responsibility to secure temporary residential places for people affected by the events whose number hit 169,000, noting that a total of SYP 30 billion was dedicated for providing living requirements at these places for this year.

The Premier pointed out that the government is working to secure all requirements for wheat planting, expecting that more than 2.5 million tons of wheat will be stored this season.

Syrian MPs discussed the government’s measures to overcome the difficulties and obstacles imposed by the crisis and best means to improve the livelihood of the citizens.

They called for providing the needed medicines and vaccines for citizens to put an end to the spreading of some diseases and epidemics.

Other MPs called for asking the Governor of the Central Bank of Syria about the measures taken to curb the rise of the Dollar price against the Syrian pound, punishing the corruptors.

They appealed to solving the problem of the abducted, missing people and the displaced who were forced to leave their homes by the armed terrorist groups.

H. Said/ Mazen


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