Latest News Syria: 33 shipments of medicine



July 20, 2013

Health Minister, Dr. Saad al-Nayef said that 33 shipments of medicine have been sent to the governorates lately in the context of the ministry's efforts to preserve health security and meet the citizens' needs.

Meeting on Saturday resident representative of the WHO in Syria, Elizabeth Hoff, al-Nayef said the shipments reached 11 provinces as 4 of which were sent to Aleppo, 3 to Raqqa and Daraa and 5 to Hama and Homs, not to mention the medical shipments distributed regularly in crisis-hit areas in cooperation with international organizations.

The talks during the meeting centered on the health situation in Syria and the ministry's needs at the current stage amid incessant attacks against health institutions by armed terrorist groups.

Al-Nayef said that the ministry is working to relocate the cadres working in the health institutions that have been hit and put out of service to the ones still in operation so as to cope with the immense pressure there amid a growing demand for free-of-charge services.

The minister unveiled a national vaccination campaign that targets 2 million children under five years of age to be launched in November, accompanied by distributing food packages and personal hygiene care groups.

The ministry is preparing for a joint national workshop with international health organizations designed for assessing the joint cooperation over the past period and drawing up future plans, the minister pointed out.

Dr. al-Nayef urged international bodies to provide further support to the ministry's work and broaden the scope of medical aid, especially as regards the chronic diseases' medicines.

Hoff said that the organization ''is committed to help and support Syrian citizens nationwide in cooperation with the ministries of health and higher education, and the civil society organizations,'' affirming that the ministry is exerting efforts to provide medicine, especially for chronic diseases.

Hoff added that the organization backs the national vaccination campaigns, indicating that the organization, in collaboration with the Health Ministry has launched the early warning system to combat all potential epidemics through monitoring health conditions and the prompt response in the event of detecting any such case.

M. Ismael