Syria, Palestine: role of the United Nations


February 13, 2014 - Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

'Earlier this week, Israel participated for the first time in one of the core coordinating groups focused on human rights and social policy at the United Nations.  Israel joins the “JUSCANZ” caucus in the United Nation’s Third Committee along with the world's most advanced democracies'.


UN resolutions critical of Israel blocked

1) On November 15, 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for urging his cabinet to accept a U.S. proposal to extend a freeze on West Bank settlement building for 90 days. Under the plan, Washington would block UN resolutions critical of Israel, and supply Israel with fighter jets worth $3 billion. The US government also promised Israel that after the 90-day moratorium, they would not seek an extension, and settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem (all of which is illegal under international law) could continue unabated.

2) In February 2011, more than 100 nations voted for a U.N. resolution that would have condemned illegal Israeli settlements and halted any new construction. The United States vetoed it.

3) On February 19, 2011, Israel said it was deeply grateful to the United States after it vetoed a United Nations resolution put forward by the Palestinian leadership condemning Israeli settlement activity.

4) On  Oct 27, 2011, Israeli jetfighters engaged in aerial bombing of the Palestinian city of Khan Yunes in the Gaza Strip.


Palestine: continuous rise of Israeli repression


NATO war crimes with an UN-mandate: 5.000 uranium bombs

NATO is destroying Libya and kills Libyan civilians (more than 5.000 bombings now) with an UN-mandate ! And the UN knows that NATO uses depleted uranium in these bombs !
Why then the UN accepts that while it is cleaning up during day and night depleted uranium in Gaza, Libanon, Irak and ex-Yougoslavia ?

In its presse release of February 2000, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), wrote: ‘In its assessment report released last October, the BTF concluded that pollution detected at four environmental þhot spotsþ (Pancevo, Kragujevac, Novi Sad and Bor), is serious and poses a threat to human health. Projects to address priority needs for humanitarian assistance at the “hot spots” will be identified during February/March and next week’s studies are required before the actual environmental clean-up can begin.’

In 2001, UNEP published the findings from the first-ever assessment on the environmental impact of the use of depleted uranium (DU) originating from a real conflict situation. This work was conducted in Kosovo in 2000 and followed-up one year later in Serbia and Montenegro. Since then, UNEP has become a reference in the scientific community regarding the impacts of DU when used in a conflict situation.

Cities in Iraq where Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons were heavily used, such as Basra, Samara, Baghdad, Mosul and probably especially Fallujah, which was virtually leveled in a November 2004 Marine assault, are showing high rates of birth defects, many of which, along with unusually high rates of leukemia, medical experts say are emblematic of fetal radiation damage.

A University of Michigan peer-reviewed study of births in Fallujah (Iraq) published in December 2010 found that of 547 births in Fallujah General Hospital in May of 2010, six years after the all-out US assault on that city of 300,000, in which DU weapons were reportedly used widely, 15% of babies had birth defects–a rate more than five times higher than the global average of 2-3%.

May be UNEP has become a ‘reference in the scientific community regarding the impacts of Depleted Uranium when used in a conflict situation’. But at the same time NATO has an UN-mandate to bomb and destroy Libya with bombs of Depleted Uranium…

Photo: UN-secretary-general Ban-ki-moon

More info: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid...

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Vietnam was bombed for 'Democracy' and 'Freedom'...

Vietnam war victim...jpg

17 June 2011 - Vietnam started the first phase of a joint plan with the US to clean up environmental damage caused by the chemical defoliant Agent Orange.
Vietnam's Red Cross estimates up to 3 million Vietnamese have suffered health-related problems from Agent Orange exposure.
Most victims are dead...


Photo: victims of American bombings with Agent Orange

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Libya destroyed by NATO: role of the United Nations


libya destroyed, nato,un, people, social life, history, cultural heritage

As was the case with Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, NATO wants to destroy Libya and its people. The United Nations, that corrupt organization that pretends to protect people + the social life, the history and the cultural heritage of the people, legalizes that. 

THE NATO-BOMBINGS OF YUGOSLAVIA (24.3.1999- 19.4.1999):
1.Monastery Gracanica from 14th century (24 March - 6 April 1999);
2.Monastery Rakovica from 17th century (29 March 1999);
3.Patriarchate of Pec (1 April 1999);
4.Church in Jelasnica near Surdulica (4 April 1999);
5.Monastery of the Church of St. Juraj (built in 1714) in Petrovaradin (1 April 1999);
6.Monastery of Holy Mother (12th century) at the estuary of the Kosanica in the Toplica - territory of municipality of Kursumlija (4 April 1999);
7.Monastery of St. Nicholas (12th century) in the territory of the municipality of Kursumlija (4 April 1999);
8.Monastery of St. Archangel Gabriel in Zemun (5 April 1999);
9.Roman Catholic Church St. Antonio in Djakovica (29 March 1999);
10.Orthodox cemetery in Gnjilane (30 March 1999);
11.Monuments destroyed in Bogutovac (8 April 1999);
12."Kadinjaca" memorial complex (8 April 1999);
13.Vojlovica monastery near Pancevo (12 April 1999);
14.Hopovo monastery, iconostasis damaged (12 April 1999);
15.Orthodox Christian cemetery in Pristina (12 April 1999);
16.Monastery church St, Archangel Michael in Rakovica (16 April 1999);

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of FR Yugoslavia)


Bombing of Libya: U.N. does not work - Russian, Chinese and Indian diplomacy

Libya is still bombed by NATO and the Libyan civilians are the first victims of these bombings. They are not only wounded and killed  but they are also victim of the total destruction of the country as was the case with the NATO bombings of Yugoslavia which destroyed hospitals, schools, bridges, warehouses and so on.

If the U.N. and the U.N.-members will really protect the Libyan civilians, NATO has to stop its bombings and there must come an immediately ceasefire. Thereafter all the Libyan parties have to start negotiations (without foreign interference) for the rebuilding of the country. That’s the only solution.

We will contact the Russian, Chinese and Indian embassies about it.


NATO bombings of Serbia:

NATO aviation also targeted many hospitals and health-care institutions, which have been partially damaged or totally destroyed, including: Hospital and Medical Centre in the territory in Leskovac; Hospital and Poly-clinic in Nis; Gerontological Centre in Leskovac; General Hospital in Djakovica; City Hospital in Novi Sad; Gynaecological Hospital and Maternity Ward of the Clinical Centre in Belgrade; Neuropsychiatric Ward "Dr. Laza Lazarevic" and Central Pharmacy of the Emergency Centre in Belgrade; Army Medical Academy in Belgrade; Medical Centre and Ambulance Centre in Aleksinac; "Sveti Sava" hospital in Belgrade; Medical Centre in Kraljevo; Dispensary on Mount Zlatibor; Health Care Centre in Rakovica;

Over 190 schools, faculties and facilities for students and children were damaged or destroyed (over 20 faculties, 6 collages, 40 secondary and 80 elementary schools, 6 student dormitories), including: Elementary schools "16. oktobar" and "Vladimir Rolovic" in Belgrade; Day-care centre in settlement Petlovo Brdo in Belgrade; Two secondary schools in the territory of Nis; Elementary schools "Toza Markovic", "Djordje Natosevic", "Veljko Vlahovic", "Sangaj" and "Djuro Danicic" and a day-care centre "Duga" in Novi Sad and creches in Visarionova Street and in the neighbourhood of Sangaj; Traffic School Centre, Faculty of Philosophy; Four elementary schools and a Medical high school in the territory of Leskovac; Elementary school in Lucane, as well as a larger number of education facilities in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija; Faculties of Law and Economics and elementary school "Radoje Domanovic" in Nis; Elementary schools in Kraljevo and the villages of Cvetka, Aketa and Ladjevci; In Sombor: elementary schools "Ivo Lola Ribar", "A. Mrazovic", "N. Vukicevic" and "Nikola Tesla" in Kljajicevo; School centre in Kula; Elementary school and Engineering secondary school centre in Rakovica;

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of FR Yugoslavia)


Photo: NATO bombed also the Chinese embassy during the bombings of Yugoslavia. Three Chinese were killed. More then 20 Chinese were severely wounded.

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United Nations: China and Liechtenstein

U.N., China, Liechtenstein, Nato air strikes, Chinese embassy, hit

In 1999 the Chinese embassy in the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade, had been hit and set on fire during Nato air strikes on the city. Three people were reported to have died including a correspondent for the official Chinese news agency, Xinhua. At least 20 were injured. A statement on Chinese television said the government severely condemned a "barbaric attack and a gross violation of Chinese sovereignty". And that is all. In the UN, China has the same power as Liechtenstein.  It is clear that the U.N. which, on demand of Washington, blocks all the U.N. resolutions critical of Israël, can no longer work on this way.